Love is the message

2 July 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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If we hold that:

A: Love is the message, and

B: The medium is the message, then:

C: Getting the message will get you SEX!

Discuss. Right now!

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  2. By Aaron Kinney on 3 July 2009

    [4:33:03 PM] Noor says: I’m a guy, but I’m straight.

    Well, this post IS a mindfuck! Does that count? XD

  3. By Aaron Kinney on 3 July 2009

    OMG that was the ultimate copypasta fail. Yet strangely, it is still somehow relevant to the post.

  4. By Mike on 3 July 2009

    Giggedy! Al-right!

  5. By Kent McManigal on 3 July 2009

    So THAT’S what I’m doing wrong……

  6. By Temujin on 3 July 2009

    Usually the message is what she gives me after a hard day of work, or if I bring her flowers 🙂

    The sex? Hell, you can get that anytime.

  7. By Temujin on 3 July 2009

    Speaking of comment fail…

    That italic should have ended at message.

    How do they say “Sigh” in Slovakian?

  8. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2009

    Fixed! I am filled with solutions!

    Meanwhile, I don’t think Slovaks would say “sigh” in Slovak, they’d just actually sigh. Meanwhile, they might say something like, “no…” and quit thinking about it.

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2009

    @Aaron teh tr0llz0r: Yes, strangely relevant, while at the same time: I just found a context rolling around on the floor, did someone drop it?

  10. By Noor on 3 July 2009

    [7/2/2009 7:27:49 PM] Aaron Kinney: um but ryan
    [7/2/2009 7:27:56 PM] Aaron Kinney: im a girl

    Also relevant.

  11. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2009

    At some point, I will invite some of the boys and girls on this thread to a private discussion I think you will agree is part of a revolutionary plan for transforming ourselves into free beings RIGHT NOW — or at least sometime between now and next Tuesday. Whether that erupts into coherent actions in the world we are a part of, rather than apart from, remains to be seen. And I think you will find that discussion rather interesting, and rather sexy.

  12. By Anna Morgenstern on 4 July 2009

    As per our extra-comment thread discussions, I am already kinda there.
    As Steve Martin in My Blue Heaven said, “I’m with you.”

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