Liberty Camp question: May I ask a question?

3 July 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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The trickster god and LSD merchant dressed up as a critically-important Libertarian philosopher and labeled by the misnomer “Samuel Edward Konkin III” was not a God or a god, nor a thought leader nor particularly important.

I submit for your consideration, as compassionate beings and as my captive audience and niche market, the idea that the Agorist slogan of “Agora! Anarchy! Action!” has it precisely backwards.

For billions, including YOU, right where you are standing now, action precedes agora, and cares precisely fuck-all about anarchy. It just does it. And it just does it quickly and efficiently, most of the time, almost by accident.

Just do it.

I strongly suggest that you consider the proposition that we might one day come to agree that the opportunity which exists in the broader libertarian context which is typically labeled among left-libertarians as a “problem” actually is a problem of emphasis, it is a problem of language, and it is a problem by which we fail to communicate with the stinky, filthy earth creatures WE NEED MOST to Arise!, take to the streets, go out of their tiny little cages and tiny little minds in the atomized industrial cities in order to enter the homes and lives and even bodies of their nearby conspecifics, and actualize an actual change in our actual circumstances such that our actual communication problems actually all disappear. Right now, or at least some time prior to next Tuesday. Action!

Such an event, such a permanent revolution, will not occur via mechanisms such as educating youngsters about the ideals of dead philosophers. It will not come about by virtue of those ideals being correct or consistent. It will not come about by means of setting an institutional agenda to make sure that we have the right message and are transmitting it via the right channels at the right times to the right recipients and with the right representatives. It will JUST HAPPEN.

Get out of the way!

As libertarians and Libertarians, it seems we have great faith in markets as a generally applicable rule. Meanwhile, we have almost no faith at all in people just doing it by themselves, in their own minds, in their own bodies, in their own families, in their own communities, in their own world, in their own universe and multiverses. And meanwhile, they are just doing it. They trade actively and passionately in close approximations of truly free markets already, even though the criminal, unjustifiably immoraly and inconsistent State continues to exist, in your mind and theirs. And they’ve never read or perhaps even heard about Mises, Popper, Rothbard, SEK3 and the rest of the suppressed pantheon.

I believe and feel and know that the fact is that at the Liberty Camp this week, I personally created more value for me than anyone else. And I did it by largely ignoring the fucking program and producing merry chaos along the way as an unnecessary, controllable side-effect that ought to be well-managed if such things are to go smoothly. I either inspired, independently conceived or incubated something like five new truly free-market businesses. I also successfully taught the Language of Liberty to one of my conspecifics who shall remain nameless in the interest of Agorist Opsec, inspired another and became almost instant friends with several more — none of whom were part of the Camp program! And this reality means that I am starting to live free RIGHT NOW while I must recall the necessity of being compassionate toward those around me who aren’t doing it terribly much, but merely sitting around talking about doing it instead.

And then I was sort-of purged from The Management, at one level, as a counter-revolutionary, though we did part ways with the consensus that we still love and support each other anyway. And the purge occurred around my own reaction to a response from a group of passionate, committed, fully consistent libertarians who reacted WRONGLY to me coming into the room and waiting my turn and asking a question of the general form: Is it okay for me to ask a question now?

The responses were things like: “What kind of question!” and “No!” and “That’s not on the agenda!” — even before they knew what the question was! (And by the way, no, I’m not going to tell you what the question was.)

And I found that my feelings were hurt, so I left the room and decided that I was going home. And nobody really expressed a great deal of concern, in my view, toward the idea that that fact itself had any particular value or importance for actualizing what we’re all trying to accomplish.

Discuss. With passion, compassion, and revolutionary fervor for the MASSIVE CHANGE IN BRAIN CHEMISTRY occurring right where you are sitting now. Or die. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go jerk off.

Yours, et cetera,

Sri Syadasti

PS: A3 is still groovy. Just swap the emphases around and we’re home.

  1. 11 Responses to “Liberty Camp question: May I ask a question?”

  2. By Jeremy on 3 July 2009

    Well said.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 3 July 2009

    Thank you, comrade! May I offer you a drink? Some food? Introduce you to a lovely young woman?

  4. By Anna Morgenstern on 3 July 2009

    I’m with you here.

  5. By George Donnelly on 11 July 2009

    IOW, release early and often and a decent plan today is better than a perfect one tomorrow.

    Am I right? ;D

    I agree with your call for action, I just insist on having a theoretical, tactical and moral foundation before proceeding. I’m working on it right now.

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 11 July 2009

    @George: If your action plan includes the sort of “release” I alluded to near the very end… well… I’m not *quite* sure 😀

  7. By George Donnelly on 13 July 2009

    Funny, Mike, funny.

  8. By marta pe on 19 July 2009

    libertarians. you are all so goddamn random. well, we

  9. By Anna Morgenstern on 6 August 2009

    Well yeah, see, this is what I talk about by transcending agorism. You’re getting there!

    People are more anarchist in practice than theory, and more and more so all the time. Which is why I’m not particularly worried about our near future.

  10. By Mike Gogulski on 8 August 2009

    Thanks, Anna! That observation was one which hit me square in the face during the Liberty Camp week… and my perceptions of the world proceeded to re-align themselves, I believe for the better.

  11. By Chris Blizzard on 15 August 2009

    We fail to communicate with the general public not because of the merits of OUR message but because they are already inundated with their addictive dose of dumbfounding from the fascist MSM – or if they’re in the university system – from the Marxian plants that are their lecturers. If we can get numbers, we can win this war…but make no mistake it is a war…and we are not defending liberty, it has been taken from us and WE must go on the offensive and (re)capture the flag. Whether the flag be black, black and gold, or red white and blue, we should work together and SPREAD THE MESSAGE.

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