Ladybugs for liberty!

6 July 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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During one fine day in Wrocław, I distributed about 350 tiny plastic ladybugs to people on the streets.

Most reaction was very positive: smiles, thanks, change of body language to indicate a dropping of defenses.

Sign for the Biedronka supermarket in Gryfów Śląski

Sign for the Biedronka supermarket in Gryfów Śląski

Those who refused to accept my little gift, by and large, tended to be working in wage employment. Marketplace vendors, sole traders and so on were delighted. The lovely young woman wearing a boring gray knit corporate shirt behind the counter at the KFC, and the security guard there, didn’t want anything to do with ladybugs.

The ladybug (Polish: biedronka, Slovak: lienka) has positive associations in people’s minds in this area, at least in Poland and Slovakia. Killing a ladybug is considered bad luck, at the very least, which leads a lot of folks to consider seeing one as good luck.

And my luck seems to be increasing.

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  2. By brmerrick on 7 July 2009

    Back in high school, I was taking an after-school art class at the community art center. It was spring, so the windows in the old house were open. We were doing charcoal drawings, and I had a lot of black charcoal in the upper right hand corner of my drawing for background shadow. A ladybug flew right into the center of that black spot on my picture, then wandered off to the right, leaving teeny tiny little black footprints.

    It was the cutest damned thing I ever saw.

  3. By FURBjr on 26 July 2009

    I enjoyed this post. It made me think of when I was a little boy on Cape Cod, playing with the neighborhood children in the summertime. I think that you are on to something.

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