Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Rise for our National Anthem!

7 August 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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  2. By John Hirbour on 7 August 2008

    Makes me think of this song:

    And yes I know it’s a remake

  3. By David Z on 9 August 2008

    I never get tired of that.

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 9 August 2008

    The Bush administration has announced to the world, and to all Americans, that this is what the United States now stands for: a vicious determination to dominate the world, criminal, genocidal wars of aggression, torture, and an increasingly brutal and brutalizing authoritarian state at home. That is what we stand for.

    And who says otherwise? The Democrats could — and the most forceful means of doing so, the only method that is appropriate to this historic moment, the method that is absolutely required if we are to turn away from this catastrophic, murderous course, is impeachment. That is the one method the Democrats will categorically, absolutely not utilize — because the Democrats are a crucial, inextricable part of the identical authoritarian-corporatist system that has led us to these horrors. They have all worked toward this end over many decades, Democrats and Republicans alike, and now the horrors manifest themselves explicitly, without apology, even with the sickening boastfulness of the mass murderer who is proud of what he has done, and who vehemently believes he is right.

    So the dare goes unanswered. These horrors are what the United States now stands for. The realization of this terrible fact is slowly settling over the rest of the world, and other nations begin to make plans to deal with the profound threat to civilization and peace that America represents. Only Americans themselves continue to resist seeing the nature of the present moment, and the nature of what this country is. And so most of us wait, and most of us do nothing. We will not move.

    The horrors accumulate, the corpses pile up, the blood flows without end, and worse, much worse, lies in wait. And still, we will not move.

    — Arthur Silber

  5. By Jack on 30 March 2011

    And last on the list….Books!!!!

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