24 July 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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What is a border?

The American Heritage Dictionary, among other definitions, suggests that a border is “The line or frontier area separating political divisions or geographic regions; a boundary.”

"Warning! State border!" -- sign at Devín, on the Slovak side of what was once the officially-impassible border between the states called Republik Österreich and Československá socialistická republika

"Warning! State border!" -- sign at Devín, on the Slovak side of what was once the officially-impassible border between Republik Österreich and Československá socialistická republika

I’ve heard about these border things, but I’ve never actually seen one.

I got to thinking about this because the Motorhome Diaries crew (agorist comrades Jason Talley and Pete Eyre) just got stopped and searched and denied passage across one of these “border” things. From the reports, it sounds like the “border” in question was one dividing two political entities which call themselves “United States of America” and “Canada”.

Huh. These borders things sound a bit dangerous.

I offer a few alternate definitions for your consideration:

bor-der (bôr’dər) n.:

  1. An imaginary line near which organized criminals in and out of uniform may stop, search, kidnap, cage, shoot, rob or otherwise harm peaceful people without consequence.
  2. An imaginary line representing a place at which two or more tyrants agree to stop killing, raping, maiming and robbing each others’ slaves, the better to continue enslaving and stealing from their respective territorial thralls.
  3. An imaginary line marking zones of exclusivity for legalized privilege in the forms of taxation, regulation, reporting duties, “law” enforcement, subsidy, etc.

Dangerous indeed. Stay away.

Anyone else have their own definition for “border”? Let’s hear ’em in the comments!

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  2. By Leo T. Magnificent on 24 July 2009

    Yep, borders are just a mere fancy, nothing more, nothing less.

  3. By Gilligan on 24 July 2009


    – An imaginary line where despots committing genocide against their constituents on one side of the line may rely on tacit approval of those on the other side to deny the constituents passage over these lines (i.e. refugees), ensuring the killing continues.

    – An imaginary line demarcating central bank fiat currency circulation limits remarkably reflecting political lines, ensuring that citizens are enslaved to indigenous State-mandated taxation/inflation pogroms.

  4. By Recumbent ReCycler on 24 July 2009

    I think what a border aught to be is a line delineating property that is owned by one entity from property that is owned by another. These border checkpoints seem unnecessary to me. I remember when I was at the border of the U.S.S.R. years ago, they didn’t allow photography there either, but nobody confiscated my film or threatened me when I took photos of the guard towers and the ‘no cameras’ sign. Traveling between European countries, I was never subjected to the abuses that occur on our border with Canada. I’m not implying that abuses don’t happen in Europe, but that North America is not as free as many people think it is. Border checkpoints are an excuse to violate our rights in ways that the government would probably not get away with as easily inside our borders.

  5. By god on 28 July 2009

    as i keep on telling you i did not do this but you did this to yourselves

  6. By god on 28 July 2009

    people will fight and die for their country across the borders but they will not fight and die against their country with in their boders if it is even for the betterment of their own country men so the us government will take advantage of this and kill americans and the bankers will in slave the americans and you will like it or die

  7. By Chris on 3 August 2009

    Borders: an evil bookshop that won’t sell publications depicting the ‘prophet’ Mohammed in a bad light

  8. By Mike Gogulski on 3 August 2009

    Breakthinking Bonus points to Mr. Blizzard. Nice.

  9. By Gilligan on 23 May 2014


    A chalk outline drawn around a geographic area denoting the shape and position of humanity slaughtered past. Akin to a chalk outline drawn around the victim at a murder scene denoting its shape and position when found.

    Usually the murders are hidden by a cloth called “flags” and the screams drowned out by hymns called “anthems”.

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