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3 August 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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All your carrot are belong to me!

All your carrot are belong to me!

Just since the last post, even…

MH sent $15

JT sent $20

WM sent $200 – double WOW!

Anonymous sent €200 – quadruple WOW!

This lays the Phone Bill o’Doom well to rest, and I’ve taken the ChipIn widget down.

Thanks a bundle, folks! And I hereby promise never to be so careless with my calls again — or, at least if I am, to not come ’round asking for help with such a goofy thing.

Another cat pic? Yes we can! This one’s from Santa Cruz, California, circa 2002. Henry doesn’t seem to want to eat carrots, but the smell does something to him that approaches the effects of catnip on the old boy.


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