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4 August 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Sometimes I get reader feedback of various sorts.

This particular bit has been taking up two slots in my inbox for a while, and it’s time to purge:

From “Sioux Warrior” at 2:54am:

why did you renounce US citizenship? are you fucking insane?

Um, yes… yes, yes I am?

And from “Sioux Warrior” at 3:02am:

ok you burned your ssa card. wow. You could have simply cut it up. You are still on file at SSA. it does not matter that you burned it. I get SSI income, I agree that the SSA really sucks ass. I want them out of my life. If an illegal alien uses your SSN, they won’t do anything.

I hereby disclaim all liability in connection with your use, storage, processing or retransmission of this information.

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  2. By liv on 5 August 2009

    That’s about the response I get everytime I tell people my dream is to move out of the U.S…. they freak, look at you like you’re nuts…. I feel like Neo sometimes.

  3. By Aaron Kinney on 6 August 2009

    I dunno if that guy actually has some Sioux blood in him, or if he is just paying homage to Native Americans. But either way, he should be more sympathetic to your renunciation of Amerikkkan citizenship.

  4. By sunshine on 27 October 2009

    I am working on getting my Mexican citizenship, and then the next step will be to renounce my USA citizenship! Many, many reasons. Loss of freedom, crime in the USA, fear of terrorists, and low quality of life in USA. Here in Mexico. I am treated with respect, very little crime, no one is ready to attack, and Mexico does not try to start wars. I have much freedom here. I prefer to support Mexico.

  5. By Simba on 23 April 2011

    Americans verbally assault americans who even the entertain the idea of leaving the usa. Its like they are afraid of something. Maybe because deep down they know that things here are unjust. And that yes, a better quality of life exists elsewhere i nthe world. Where their are no ‘ghettos’, rampant crime and rampant ignorance. In war torn nations, they are waring because their is social – political conflict. Yet i nthe usa, thousands die each year from crime. Yet their is no conflict, no riots, no political upheval. yet more people die in the usa than in Iraq each year. That to me is insane. But completely acceptable in this crapola country. Everything is acceptable. The disenfranchisment of men. The destruction of family, the high crime, the ignorance, the ghettos, the crash commercialism. Its all okay to these people.

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