Ladies of Liberty Alliance 2010 calendar bomb!

30 August 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Eight of the sixteen who will appear in the Ladies of Liberty Alliance 2010 calendar -- No, Sarah Palin is not among the missing eight!

Eight of the sixteen who will appear in the Ladies of Liberty Alliance 2010 calendar -- No, Sarah Palin is not among the missing eight!

The Ladies of Liberty Alliance describes itself as “Conspiring to attract libertarian women into the movement, one activist at a time”. Additionally, on their current social network site, the mission reads:

We are an up and coming women’s organization for the Liberty movement. We hope to use educational means, training, seminars, PR, and outreach to equip the rising women leaders in the movement.

I support that.

The 2010 LOLA calendar is on sale NOW! It’s time to tear down at least one of those posters of dead philosophers, and make room for the Ladies of Liberty! At a mere US$20, this can’t be beat!

(See also: “Calendar bomb” announcement at the Free Agents Network.)

  1. 5 Responses to “Ladies of Liberty Alliance 2010 calendar bomb!”

  2. By MerryMonk on 30 August 2009

    Amazing…imho this is great news! Very cool

    When the definitive history of why the Libertarian Revolution succeeded is written, I predict this will be taught in schools for centuries thereafter.

    The sexy marketing geniuses gracing the LOLA Calender get 20 of my votes. I vote with dollars.

  3. By Noor on 31 August 2009

    “Hey look, we have vaginas and that makes us better activists!”

  4. By MerryMonk on 1 September 2009

    Noor: Your point about vaginas not endowing a person with better activist characteristics is probably correct. (I have no personal experience in that matter)

    But hey, if the world understands freedom is fun…freedom is sexy….freedom is embraced by beautiful people …and old men like me are not the only activists…the capable activists will have a much better chance.

    Spread the fun…get a calendar….freedom is sexy.

  5. By Noor on 1 September 2009

    I don’t have much of an issue if there was a dating group for women, anymore than I have a problem with a simple group for blonde libertarians. It’s when that’s turned into an activism network that makes it laughably ridiculous.

  6. By Noor on 2 September 2009

    Oh Franc, always the contrarian. You’re an enigma.

    But yea, LoLA is kind of sexist in that it’s discriminatory against men in a way (yes, I know men are involved, but it’s specifically for women). Like I said, same bullshit that affirmative action is based upon.

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