Children wired to control grid in Dallas

13 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Novatracker GPS personnel monitoring device
Of course it’s only going to be used on the troublemakers, and will never be expanded to all students or all citizens. Of course it’s essential to keep a young man wired into the indoctrination camps so euphemistically termed “schools”. Of course. Of course.

From the New York Times:

To Curb Truancy, Dallas Tries Electronic Monitoring


Instead of juvenile detention, Jaime was selected by a judge to be enrolled in a pilot program at Bryan Adams in which chronically truant students are monitored electronically. Since Jaime started carrying the Global Positioning System unit April 1, he has had perfect attendance.

“I’m just glad they didn’t take him to jail,” said Jaime’s grandmother Diana Mendez, who raised him. “He’s a good kid. He was just on a crooked path.”


Truancy experts say the results in Texas are promising.

“It’s far better than locking a kid up,” and is cheaper, said Joanna Heilbrunn, a senior researcher for the National Center for School Engagement.


Dave Leis, a spokesman for NovaTracker, which makes the system used in Dallas, said electronic monitoring did not have to be punitive. “You can paint this thing as either Big Brother, or this is a device that connects you to a buddy who wants to keep you safe and help you graduate.”


Happening in Maryland as well. From the Washington Post:


During the same session, some lawmakers in Prince George’s proposed strapping ankle bracelets on students to electronically monitor the whereabouts of those who constantly skip school. That bill did not advance.

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