University of Pittsburgh student: “With the police … you’re supposed to feel safe.”

26 September 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Seems like a couple of young ladies just woke up to their reality.

  1. 5 Responses to “University of Pittsburgh student: “With the police … you’re supposed to feel safe.””

  2. By A on 26 September 2009

    Like totally!!

  3. By NickyTheHeel on 26 September 2009

    Am I allowed to say “fuck the police” on your blog comments, Mike?

  4. By Mike Gogulski on 26 September 2009

    Here, I’ll say it for you: FUCK THE POLICE

  5. By A on 12 November 2009

    Don’t Feel like leaving my personal info, but thanks for posting the video. I have to agree, having been harassed by police numerous times that they are, for the most part, pigs.

  6. By Seth on 12 November 2009

    Thank the stars above that at least we can now easily get the word out about criminal conduct by those calling themselves “police officers”.

    My feeling is that this has been going on for decades, but due to top down mass media style dissemination of information, none of us really believed or knew the extent of it.

    Youtube and inexpensive video cameras are changing this fortunately, huzzah.

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