Bring a Gun to School Day

29 September 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Rather than offering a full review of Darian Worden’s novella, Bring a Gun to School Day, I’ll instead present here just a few choice passages. As I read the book several months ago, I marked these pages with sticky notes. Looking back over them today, I found the musings of Erik Shylding just as compelling:

So many times he wished they would just let him live the way he wanted, seeking knowledge where he found it and pursuing his own interests and thoughts until they led him to his true place in life. But they wouldn’t. He was lost within a maze of other people’s dreams, stumbling into dead ends as he tried to avoid the clutches of those who had their own plans for what he should do with his life. What little time he had to sort it out was almost all absorbed by the necessary distraction of fighting them off. He could never be what he wanted if they made him never be. — p. 29

Bring a Gun to School Day by Darian Worden

Bring a Gun to School Day by Darian Worden

(being interrogated by school officials)

“We’re really concerned about the way you conduct yourself. Why do you shy away from involvement in your high school community?”

Erik had enough of this shit. “Because your ‘community’ doesn’t want me…”

“We all want to include you.”

“No, you want to include my body in your vision, and you can only do that by killing my mind — by killing me.” — p. 55

(reacting to hearing a commentator on television talking about “troubled youth”)

This guy’s never even heard of me and he acts like he knows so much about ‘kids’ like me. Like someone my age is really a kid anyway.

Erik was tired of busybodies acting like they should have a say in what he listened to, played, and did. Life has a lot more to it than happy-go-lucky love stories where everyone makes happy in the end. Why shouldn’t music have more to it than that?

They tell us we believe in nothing if we don’t believe their bullshit. As if their opinions are the only ones that count. Kind of like people who say we don’t want to succeed if we don’t want to do what they want us to. — pp. 64-65

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