4 October 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Pingcrawl is a plugin for WordPress (tested in production with version 2.8.4).

Pingcrawl aims to replicate’s “Possibly related posts” capability. It queries Google Blog Search for related blog posts (based on tags, or the post title if there are no tags), tries to verify that they are pingback/trackback compatible sites and, if so, adds links to such posts to the end of each blog post where it is invoked.

Scope-limiting configuration options are included to enable Pingcrawl to fit any WordPress installation’s memory/execution time budget.

It is based on version PingCrawl 2.8 alpha by Josh Team.

Download Pingcrawl now.

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  1. 13 Responses to “Pingcrawl”

  2. By Demon on 26 May 2010

    Hi there, i have a question about your plugin.

    how do i force it to run on a post that has already been published?

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 26 May 2010

    @Demon: Try changing it to a draft, then republishing it. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll have a look at putting better support in for that.

  4. By Demon on 26 May 2010

    @Mike Gogulski: i just did… and i also created a new post that does have the custom field “pingcrawl_pinged” with value “1” in it (automatically added)

    how do i know whether it did or did not work?

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 26 May 2010

    @Demon: If you’ve created a post with the “pingcrawl_pinged” custom field set to 1, the script will not operate when the post is published. The purpose of that field is to track which posts have pinged already, so that if you go back later and, say, correct a typo, it won’t ping again.

    To ping on an old post published before pingcrawl was installed, try what I mentioned before. The first indication that it’s working will be that a relatively long time goes by after you hit “publish”. The second will be the “related posts” links appearing on the post.

  6. By Demon on 26 May 2010

    @Mike Gogulski: yes i understand, i mean i published that post and after publishing that field was filled in (i didnt create it)

    now how can i see if it worked?

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 26 May 2010

    When you view the post, are the related posts links there at the end?

  8. By Demon on 27 May 2010

    No there are not, however i did not insert any tags before publishing, that may have caused it?

  9. By Stanley on 22 September 2010


    i use tags, but i didnt want to use them for the search at google. I want only use the title. But how?

  10. By Topboxes on 25 October 2010

    I installed on my wp, but then I decided to uninstalled it. after uninstalling, the Possibly related posts still there. How to remove it? urgent. thanks

  11. By Mike Gogulski on 25 October 2010

    @Topboxes: The links are stored as normal HTML in the posts, so just edit those posts and delete them off the bottom.

  12. By Topboxes on 25 October 2010

    @Mike Gogulski : yes I see and delete it. Thank you so much

  13. By Ewan on 24 December 2011

    Hi, this tool looks great, I have installed the plugin through my wordpress blog. I then posted a new post and it wasn’t slow at all, I think becauase it hasn’t worked. I am very new to wordpress and plugins any help would really be appreaciated. Thanks in advance Ewan.

  14. By plugindog on 5 November 2012

    Hi, I don’t mind making a donation but I’d like this to work – is the plugin compatible with WP 3.4.2? I have fixed the search string for Google blogsearch as its format has changed but still can’t get it to work. Any tips as to what else can be done if anything?

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