Twitter, the G20 and the Rule of Law

5 October 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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My first audio commentary for the Center for a Stateless Society. Check it out, over there.

Tweet, tweet! I'm a dangerous bird!

Tweet, tweet! I'm a dangerous anarchist bird!

I’ll probably be producing a couple of these per week, with Brad Spangler backing me up both as writer and as alternate reader.

It’s a bit creepy voicing this, given the arrests of Elliot Madison and Michael Wallschlaeger, and the raid on Madison’s home, since I was doing much the same thing for a couple of evenings: listening to Pittsburgh-area police scanner traffic over the internet, and repeating interesting information to several relevant hashtags on Twitter.

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  1. 4 Responses to “Twitter, the G20 and the Rule of Law”

  2. By Tom Ender on 5 October 2009

    The empire has long arms, jagged teeth and nasty claws. Be invisible, use the force. 😉

  3. By The New Anarchist on 6 October 2009

    “They seized computers, political writings and anarchist literature.”

    The police need proof that he’s one “o’ dem crazy ‘narchists” so they can rest easy at night.

    Do these people even WATCH movies?

  4. By Americaneoocn on 7 October 2009

    American Power tracked-back with, ‘Great News! Organizing for America Backs Anarcho-Communist G-20 Cadres’

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