Barack Obama: The last American President

12 October 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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Events have funny ways of surprising us.

What few guessed, as late as 1987, that the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact had but a couple dozen months to live? Who could have predicted that Jethro Tull would win a Grammy Award for metal, head-to-head against Metallica? And did anyone really expect breakdancing to ever go out of style?

Broken America by David Cooper: a completely unrelated book

Broken America by David Cooper: a completely unrelated book

Imagine, for a moment, the possibility of looking back a few years from now on Barack Obama — Nobel laureate, failed Messiah — and labeling him as the last President of the United States of America.

Not the former President, no. The last, final, ultimate President.

It’s entirely possible. Political regimes change markedly, crumble and are swept aside all the time. On the scale of history, the form of government in the United States is already overdue for a fall.

Barack Obama being the last American President would seem to entail the breakup or dissolution of the United States as a political entity, though that may not necessarily be so. One can imagine, for example, the rise of a new monarchism, the replacement of the executive Presidency with a more European-style Premiership, or any number of other structural changes which alter the form of government, but leave the beast more or less intact. None of those would be particularly grand outcomes, though, in my view.

I would like to see the Washingtonian Empire, the Imperial United States of America cease to exist entirely as a political entity — by next Tuesday, if possible, but at least within the next three and a half years.

How might that come about? What might we do to help make it happen?

Sound off in the comments!

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  1. 28 Responses to “Barack Obama: The last American President”

  2. By laurie on 12 October 2009

    It does feel like it’s really close doesn’t it? There are a number of ways to take the situation with Obama, but I almost feel sorry for him at this point. It’s kind of like watching a national geographic special in which he is the designated prey of the hour. The wolves are circling him. Then, they pull they Nobel move! Obama has been set up to fail. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t seem to be much of a strategist. (Let’s just hope he doesn’t go Idi Amin on our asses here in the states.) Of particular interest to me lately has been the political maneuvering of Kagame. As usual I’m watching China and Sudan…Israel…Honduras is intense…There is so much going on, I don’t know that any “help” is needed in making a downfall happen, not that added chaos is a bad thing. It’s inevitable. What does need to be addressed though is what comes after. I think it’s here that we can effect the outcome. It seems that it’s already written that the States will get smacked upside the head.

  3. By Brad Spangler on 12 October 2009

    Get comfortable with the idea that not everybody will agree with you 100% (regardless of *what* you advocate), but that many will agree with you to varying degrees. When this is understood, the most leveraged position can be seen to be the most radical one. You pull more people in your direction (even if they don’t go all of the distance in changing their thinking) because you get more word of mouth with controversy. In doing so, you reach a bigger base of prospects, among which a minority *will* go the distance — switching their thinking and allegiance to the revolutionary creed and joining the revolutionary cadre of advocates as they build their ability to contribute to that advocacy through self-education and mutual education.

    As the cadre grows, more voices reacher a growing circle of prospects and weight of numbers adds to perceived credibility for the revolutionary creed among newly exposed prospects (in much the same way that one man is a heretic, a small group is a cult and a large group is a religion).

    All of the above indicates the best general approach is to be as boldly radical as you both 1) dare and 2) are able to justify in terms of the creed you seek to promote. [Extremism for the sake of extremism won’t do the job if it’s at odds with the creed, so one has to take care to be consistent and not just act like a lunatic.]

  4. By Robin on 12 October 2009

    I’m at a loss about trackbacks and such and I think I’ve given it long enough for any kind of automated mechanism to pass my post back here so I’m just going to note this in the comment. I responded here.

  5. By Mike Gogulski on 12 October 2009

    @Robin: You wound up in the spam queue again. I think we’re seeing the “bad behavior” plugin behaving badly. Bug report’s already in on that, but no fix yet, apparently.

  6. By Robin on 12 October 2009

    Looks like the trackback finally made it up anyway. Maybe I just didn’t wait long enough. Or maybe I’m spam. “I bot therefore I am?”

  7. By Mike Gogulski on 12 October 2009

    @Robin: I had to manually approve it.

  8. By Josh Fulton on 12 October 2009

    50 reasons Obama should NOT have won the Nobel:

    Nice site.

  9. By Anthony on 12 October 2009

    When a small man casts a long shadow the sunset is near.

  10. By MerryMonk on 13 October 2009

    I think that there is an increasing movement toward states seceding. Perhaps that is the way the empire will disintegrate.

    There was an interesting article on the rise of secession movements in 10 states on Google News today. Here is the link:

  11. By John on 15 October 2009

    Mmm, well, I think it’s more likely that the official presidency and constitutional republic will end with martial law and a military dictatorship of sorts. I don’t think that’s too likely in the next 7 years, but it’s never out of the question.

  12. By The New Anarchist on 15 October 2009

    Certainly we need to make some changes for that to happen. First, if any of this is going to be worthwhile, there needs to be education about Anarchy, our values and our purpose that goes way, way beyond all this petty bickering that normally happens. We need to (not remind) but SHOW people the reality of Anarchy, its worldview and the people that have given their lives for it, why they believed, and how goddamn beautiful their struggle was in comparison to the nothing lives people lead today.

    Right now, it’s an uphill battle. So many people are complacent with their lives, devoted to menial struggles, placated by small rewards, and just generally lied to and brainwashed to such a degree, that any movements now simply won’t speak to a lot of people and won’t move them.

    To get that, we need people who hate each other over little things to start shaking hands and hugging. We need to drop the post-Anarchy debates and actually define today’s Anarchy Without Adjectives. What do we all want? No state. Most people know that.

    When do we want it? Right fucking now? Why? That why is the hardest question. Why, when someone can make enough to survive and play the game well enough to get by, would they want a complete revolution? Our problem is that we think the answer is obvious, but it’s not obvious at all to everyone else. That’s where Anarchy alienates people today. We can’t give anyone a good reason and we aren’t showing them how much it means to us. We know how much it means to each other but that doesn’t change anything.

    I’m talking appeals to reason for some and appeals to passion, individuality, defiance, anger, emptiness, loneliness, helplessness, and general fucking humanity for the rest.

  13. By Robin on 15 October 2009

    TNA, I agree a ton and a half with most of what you said, even if I feel helpless to actualize it. There is just one small thing I would argue:

    Appeals to reason are superseded by the logic of pragmatism. At any point one discusses “possibilities” one has stopped appealing to reason and started appealing to emotions. The people to whom such appeals would need be made are those who have a pragmatic view of life. Those with a pragmatic view of life look at the here and now over the past or future. Those who look at the here and now but who aren’t already anarchists believe that the here and now is sufficient.

    The only way to get someone to exchange “sufficient” with “better” is by appealing to the emotions of “hope” which means not appealing to reason. The alternative is to try to make them understand that the here and now is not “sufficient” which requires altering their emotional opinion about the present.

    What I’m saying here is that either we appeal to the emotion of hope or we appeal to the fear. I would rather bide my time than do the latter. It’s their tactic, now ours. When you’re right you don’t have to scare people into believing you. You just have to be patient.

    The problem with patience, in this case, is that it equates to massive war, starvation and death. Silence is killing us. I know you’re right. I just don’t know what to do other than what I already am.

  14. By The New Anarchist on 16 October 2009

    “The problem with patience, in this case, is that it equates to massive war, starvation and death.”

    Hardly an appeal to reason 😉

    We often think of the “other side” using fear tactics. In their case, the fear tactics are lies and unjustified. And I don’t advocate making people afraid of a situation that may or may not come about, but rather make them angry about the situation that’s already here. Show them the lies, show them the truth about the starving, the dying, and the used, and you won’t be appealing to fear.

  15. By Don P. on 19 October 2009

    I think one of the keys is to not get stuck thinking there is only one right tactic to pursue. Secession, agorisim, protest, education, and (gasp!) maybe even political. Yes government is evil, but I fail to see how we could be worse off with a government of Ron Pauls. I’m not saying everyone should be involved with all of these, but lets stop putting energy into attacking other libertarians who are doing something to try to reduce the power the State has over us.

  16. By Don P. on 19 October 2009

    My other idea is to help the financial collapse of the American Empire by supporting every big government social welfare program. Free everything for everyone!

  17. By Celia on 5 November 2009

    How about if America simply returned to the Constitution?
    No more unConstitutional things like:
    -undeclared wars and pre-emptive wars (stupid, stupid! like pre-emptive execution…)
    -FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, Patriot Act
    -Dept of Education, Dept of Energy, et al
    – empire building, policing the world
    -failed Drug War, failed War on Poverty, failed every other ‘War on…’
    -intrusive, forceful regulations and mandates
    No other country would need to worry about America and America would have no fears of ‘Blowback.’
    America would have fair trade with all and entangling alliances with none, as suggested by Thomas Jefferson.
    America would be a shining beacon of Liberty once again.
    Dare to dream.

  18. By Mike Gogulski on 5 November 2009

    Sure, roll it all back to 1789… but how’s that gonna happen, exactly?

  19. By Celia on 5 November 2009

    We don’t have to roll it back to 1789, but it will not happen without a Revolution.
    One is brewing.

  20. By john doe on 16 February 2011

    buy the book soon to the published “The Next to Last American President” there will be one president after Obama, then the country will dissolve into regional state associations. The book details the downfall, aftermath and rebirth ofthe former non united states of america.

  21. By Angel on 2 May 2011

    It was the end of October 2008 and I was praying when I felt a sudden clunk in my spirit, as the Holy Spirit calmly assured me; “He will be the Last American President”. It’s been 2 1/2 years and after todays announced execution of Osama Bin Laden, I realize once again that Barack Obama will win another election but……he will still be the last President. Verily I say unto you… Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready?

  22. By shelby welch on 23 April 2012


  23. By sixholepunch on 18 May 2012

    Amen to that Angel. Funny the writer should say “One can imagine, for example, the rise of a new monarchism, the replacement of the executive Presidency with a more European-style Premiership…”

    Read this Bible prophecy and see how close this guess is.

  24. By ceseme on 18 June 2012

    But Obama isn’t American…and he isn’t a President: he is a foreign dictator who has infiltrated our nation and assigned czars to regulate the various departments of state. He ignores the constitution and throws around taxpayer money to assuage his own interests. Say it like it is.

  25. By Ianez on 1 January 2016

    What I see is fear. No one ever question what the white presidents did/didn’t do…or who they did it too. BUT, Obama is different. So, my conclusion is…Fear defeats more people than anything else in the world. America, in my opinion is being paid back for their ills from the day that the Anglo-Saxon got off the Mayflower. Obama didn’t create the Amerian so-called dream. It came from Europe…with all of their evil. Just ask the American Indian. Yes, their evil has caught up to them. Obama didn’t write the Constitution. It was written by the Secret Society of Free Masons. One needs to look at how this country started and then, you will know about its ending.

  26. By Ianez on 1 January 2016

    But..Ceseme…caucasians have done that since day one. How could you miss it. And, yes…they were Americans. Blind sided by color….geez.
    That’s how it is.

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