Report on Slovak State Police attacks against Mike Gogulski, 5 September 2009

22 October 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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To all who pledged to support me in this matter, I would ask that you republish the below information as broadly as possible, and without delay.

Also available in MS Word 2003, PDF, and MS-Word exported filtered HTML formats.


  • v1.0 – 20090906
    • Original version, real names, episodes 1-9, 6 image attachments
  • v1.1 – 20090908
    • Name labels harmonized in preparation for generation of 2 versions
    • Forked into full and no-names versions
    • Minor cleanup throughout
    • Added WITNESS
    • Added offense “Abuse of Authority by Public Official”
    • Introduction added to Episode 1, including first interaction with WITNESS
    • Episode 9 expanded
    • Episodes 10 and 11 added
    • Catalogue of injuries added
    • Tables of contents and figures added
  • V1.2 – 20091022
    • Release version, with relevant, known names




CAST.. 3


CATALOGUE OF INJURIES (created 8 September 2009) 5

EPISODE 1 – Saturday, 5 September 2009, inside building, BAR.. 6

EPISODE 2 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR.. 7

EPISODE 2 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR.. 8

EPISODE 3 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR.. 9






EPISODE 9 – POLICE STATION, Kramáre hospital, RESIDENCE.. 17

EPISODE 10 – RESIDENCE – Saturday, 5 September 2009. 18

EPISODE 11 – RESIDENCE – Sunday, 6 September 2009. 19

EPISODE 12 – RESIDENCE, POLICE STATION – Monday, 7 September 2009. 20


Michael Jude Gogulski – Bar patron, victim, complainant, victim, prisoner, victim, patient, witness.

WITNESS – Female who frequents/works at BAR. Brunette, short hair, late 20s to early 30s. Knows me by sight and by name.

BARTENDER – Early-30s female, black hair. Bartender/supervisor at BAR.

ATTACKER – Manager/owner of BAR. Early 40s (?), moustache, straight greasy hair. Presumably Ján Kurtulík, owner/officer of KELLE, s.r.o., operator of the BAR.

BLONDE – Unknown blonde female associate of ATTACKER’s, possibly his business partner.

MIROSLAV PAŠEK – Police officer and main police attacker, about 5’10”, muscled, close-cropped hair, early to mid-30s. Standard police uniform. Identified by name tag pinned to uniform chest, left side. Two-stars plus wings rank insignia (uncertain).

CURLY – Police officer with short dark curly hair, fat with prominent belly, early to mid-40s. Equal in rank or superior to MIROSLAV PAŠEK. Standard police uniform.

ROOKIE1 and ROOKIE2 – Early-20s police officers wearing blue jumpsuit type police uniforms.

DISPATCHER – Emergency police dispatcher responding to my call at telephone number 158.

MARTIN – English-speaking police officer assigned to interpreter duty. Late 20s to early 30s.

FRIEND1 – My friend who I called from jail.

GUEST1 and GUEST2 – Two female couchsurfing guests from Slovenia staying at my residence.

FRIEND2 – My friend who met me at the hospital and drove me home.


POLICE STATION – Police station where I was taken. Šuňavcova 2, Bratislava – Nové Mesto

BAR – “Erotic Salon” establishment at Mikovíniho 2, Bratislava, Slovakia. Called variously “Wild Angels” and “Nymfa Salon”. Operated by Kelle, s.r.o., operated in turn by its officer, Ján Kurtulík. Location of attack by ATTACKER.

RESIDENCE – My flat.

CATALOGUE OF INJURIES (created 8 September 2009)

  1. 2-cm round dermal abrasion, outer left elbow
    Possible Source:  Falling to ground after being struck by ATTACKER; Falling to ground after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at bar or in cell
  2. 1.5-cm oblong dermal abrasion, inner left elbow
    Possible Source: Scraped BAR wall while being held in pain-lock hold against wall by MIROSLAV PAŠEK
  3. Several other dermal and epidermal small abrasions on outer left elbow
    Possible Source: Uncertain
  4. 2-cm round dermal abrasion, inner right elbow
    Possible Source: Falling to ground after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at bar or in cell
  5. 1-cm epidermal cut, right index finger
    Possible Source: Uncertain
  6. Two .5 to .75-cm dermal abrasions to head, 3cm above hairline at forehead
    Possible Source: Head smashed into wall at BAR by MIROSLAV PAŠEK (multiple times)
  7. 3-cm dermal laceration, behind left ear
    Possible Source: Uncertain
  8. 1-cm dermal abrasion, top of left knee
    Possible Source: Falling to ground after being struck by ATTACKER; Falling to ground after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at bar or in cell
  9. 1.5-cm light dermal abrasion, front of left knee
    Possible Source: Falling to ground after being struck by ATTACKER; Falling to ground after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at bar or in cell
  10. 6-cm x 5-cm deep contusion, inner side top of left knee. Purpling bruise
    Possible Source: Falling to ground after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at bar or in cell
  11. 5-cm x 4-cm light contusion, left thigh, 10-15-cm from kneecap. Light bluish bruise.
    Possible Source: Uncertain
  12. 8-cm x 4-cm contusion, upper right inner arm. Banded and jointed pattern reflecting 2 or 3 fingers’ grip.
    Possible Source: Attack by MIROSLAV PAŠEK in holding cell
  13. 6-cm x 2-cm light contusion, right side of back below scapula, near side.
    Possible Source: Punched by MIROSLAV PAŠEK or CURLY at BAR
  14. Contusion to right pectoralis.
    Possible Source: Punched by MIROSLAV PAŠEK at BAR
  15. Contusions to ribs and connective tissue below right pectoralis.
    Possible Source: Punched by ATTACKER1, by MIROSLAV PAŠEK or CURLY at BAR, or by MIROSLAV PAŠEK in cell
  16. Contusion to upper lumbar spine
    Possible Source: Punched by MIROSLAV PAŠEK or CURLY at BAR
  17. Contusion to lower tip of right scapula
    Possible Source: Punched by MIROSLAV PAŠEK or CURLY at BAR

EPISODE 1 – Saturday, 5 September 2009, inside building, BAR

~4:00 AM: I arrive at BAR and order a whiskey. As I walk to a free table, WITNESS sees me and calls my name. I’ve introduced myself to her by name and spoken to her at length during two previous visits. We greet each other and I offer here some of my whiskey. She drains the glass instantly. I get another from the bar.

~4:35 AM: I am told “You must leave” by BARTENDER. She has been giving me trouble for only buying drinks rather than the other services on the menu as well.

After refusing to leave for no valid reason, and after dashing briefly upstairs in reaction to hearing a woman screaming but finding nothing amiss (WITNESS had gone upstairs with a patron), BARTENDER makes a phone call. Shortly after, ATTACKER appears in BAR with BLONDE. ATTACKER has a conversation with BARTENDER, stands behind bar looking at me. He is clearly the owner or manager. BLONDE also stands behind bar, and I observe her doing paperwork. ATTACKER and BLONDE retire to back room.

There were several other people in the establishment who witnessed me reacting to the scream, and being asked to leave and refused service: three presumably Slovak patrons, and 3-4 female staff.

After relenting to her demand and while asking a final time for a last drink (she told me they had stopped serving, then went to deliver drinks to some guests), I take a photograph of BARTENDER with my mobile phone and exit the building into the courtyard. As I leave, I observe BARTENDER hurrying into the back room.

EPISODE 2 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR

Between Episode 1 and 4:53 AM

I approach the outer gate to the courtyard and find it locked. I turn around to see ATTACKER emerge from door to back office and walking toward me. ATTACKER carries some sort of blunt weapon (metal baton?) in right hand, resting the weapon against the back of his head as he approaches me.

ATTACKER approaches me and a verbal exchange begins. I demand the door be unlocked. ATTACKER demands that I delete the photo of BARTENDER. I refuse. ATTACKER makes threatening gestures and continues approaching me more closely. Exchange continues until ATTACKER strikes me at least once, possibly twice, on right side of upper body with his left hand. He then strikes me open-handed on right side of face, causing my glasses to fly off and clatter to the floor of the courtyard somewhere.

I tell ATTACKER now that I will delete the photo of BARTENDER. I take the mobile phone (Nokia 6120c) from my pocket. He takes it from my hand and begins looking for the photo. I snatch it from his hands, show him the screen, locate the photo of BARTENDER, delete it, then page through other photos until he is satisfied it has been deleted.

ATTACKER now opens the gate to the courtyard and walks back into his the back room office, inside which I can see a number of active video monitors. He sits behind a desk looking toward me, while BLONDE sits in a chair in front of the desk, facing the video monitors. I search for my glasses on the ground and cannot find them.

CHARGEABLE OFFENSES: False Imprisonment, Assault and Battery (all to ATTACKER)

EPISODE 2 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR

Still in the courtyard, I dial 150 on my mobile phone at 4:53 AM. I tell respondent I need police. I’m told this is the fire department, and to call 158. I hang up and call 158 to be answered by DISPATCHER at 4:54 AM.

I tell DISPATCHER that I may have been robbed of my glasses and that I have been physically assaulted, requesting the police to come. I give him the location and address.

I continue searching for my glasses, to no avail, remaining in the courtyard. Several times I approach the open door to the back office where ATTACKER and BLONDE sit as described above, tell them that I’ve called the police. Over the course of ~10 minutes waiting for the police to arrive, I make an escalating series of demands for money from ATTACKER to simply leave and forget the incident, starting at €500 and ending at €3000. ATTACKER is impassive, says nothing. BLONDE never looks in my direction, and I don’t hear them speaking to each other.

EPISODE 3 – 5 September 2009, courtyard, BAR

~5:05 AM. Two police cars arrive, carrying MIROSLAV PAŠEK, CURLY, ROOKIE1 and ROOKIE2.

I stand behind open gate to courtyard, smoking a cigarette. Police stalk past me and enter ATTACKER’s office directly. Presumably a conversation occurs between ATTACKER and/or BLONDE and one or more police officers.

Either ROOKIE1 or ROOKIE2 remains outside the office. I tell him that I’m the one who called DISPATCHER. He says something to other police officers, who emerge from office.

Officers begin asking me questions, which I have trouble following. I tell them that ATTACKER attacked me, knocked off my glasses and that I can’t find them – presumed stolen.

Main interrogator quickly becomes MIROSLAV PAŠEK, who is short-tempered and aggressive. He asks more questions about incident. I try to respond as best I can in broken Slovak. MIROSLAV PAŠEK grabs my cigarette out of my hand and throws it to the floor. “What are you doing?” I ask (or something to this effect).

MIROSLAV PAŠEK: „Občiansky preukaz.” (“ID card.”)

Me: „To nemám.” (“I don’t have that.”)

MIROSLAV PAŠEK: „Pas.” (“Passport.”)

Me: „To nemám.” (“I don’t have that.”)

There may be more words after this exchange. My memory is cloudy.

At this point, MIROSLAV PAŠEK strikes me several times in the right side. At least the first blow is with his left hand. I cry out in pain and fall to the ground.

I cannot remember the remainder of the sequence of events which occurred at the BAR courtyard clearly.

MIROSLAV PAŠEK demands I stand, and I comply. I tell him this is going to make an interesting story for tomorrow’s SME or Pravda, featuring his name. He becomes enraged, strikes me again at least once, grabs my right arm, pushes me to wall of BAR building between entry door and back office door. Pushing me into the wall causes my head to impact the wall. MIROSLAV PAŠEK pins my upper body to the wall and wrenches my right arm up behind my back, putting extreme strain on my right shoulder and elbow. MIROSLAV PAŠEK says something to the effect that he doesn’t want to hear anything about seeing himself in SME or Pravda.

During all attacks by MIROSLAV PAŠEK, I cry out in pain and terror. Neighbors may have heard, and should be interviewed.

Other incidents during Episode 3:

Police finally understand that I have neither an ID card nor passport because I am a stateless person. They demand to see my Travel Document, which is not with me.

At one point, either CURLY or MIROSLAV PAŠEK makes some sort of threatening remark referring to “Američan.” I laugh. MIROSLAV PAŠEK strikes me again several times, and I collapse again.

I am pressed up against the entry door to the building in the pain-restraint hold as before. With my left hand I attempt to open the door to escape MIROSLAV PAŠEK’s attacks. It is locked. MIROSLAV PAŠEK and others observe me. MIROSLAV PAŠEK strikes me several times in the lower back, right side, and spine. At least one other police officer strikes me in the ribs, spine or lower back.

After more insults and threats, demands for respect and compliance, “speak this way”, etc., I am turned around and released to face MIROSLAV PAŠEK. I gaze at his name tag and memorize his name. MIROSLAV PAŠEK observes this and asks what I am looking at. I don’t respond. MIROSLAV PAŠEK strikes me several times and places me back in the restraint hold, smashing my head into the wall again. He asks again what I was looking at. I laugh. He wrenches my arm much harder, either forcing me up the wall or causing me to rise onto my toes. The pain is extreme. “Nothing,” I say.

At one point after being struck by MIROSLAV PAŠEK, falling to the ground, beaten by MIROSLAV PAŠEK while on the ground and then demanded by MIROSLAV PAŠEK to stand, I remained sitting and raised both arms with wrists crossed, asking to simply be taken to jail. Laughter resulted from MIROSLAV PAŠEK and several other officers, followed by MIROSLAV PAŠEK’s repeated demand to stand.

At some point they may have demanded proof that I deleted the photo of BARTENDER from my mobile phone. I laugh and say that proof of this is impossible, but page through my photos anyway until they are satisfied it is gone.

Ant some point during this encounter in the BAR courtyard, one of the police officers (not MIROSLAV PAŠEK) walked to the outer gate which was standing open. He closed the gate, making exit or observation impossible.

Toward the end of this engagement, one of the female staff, WITNESS, opened the door to the building and looked out. She looked me directly in the eyes, I believe as I was sitting on the ground, freshly beaten. She closed the door quickly.

Eventually, agreement is reached that we will go together to my flat to retrieve my Travel Document so they can verify my identity. I am bundled into a police car, back seat right side. I can’t recall the driver. ROOKIE1 or ROOKIE2 sat in the back to my left.

CHARGEABLE OFFENSES: Assault and Battery plus Abuse of Authority by Public Official (MIROSLAV PAŠEK and unknown officer who struck me in ribs), Failure to Report Crime (other 2 officers)


ROOKIE demands I wait in the car, opens car door, demands I exit and stand by car. I am then escorted to front door of RESIDENCE building. I open front door with my electronic key. Officers ask on which floor I live, and I tell them the 5th. Two officers (one ROOKIE and another not recalled) take the stairs, while I ride the elevator with the others. ROOKIE takes position in front of my door, demands I opened it, asking if anyone else is in the flat. I tell them two couchsurfers are present, GUEST1 and GUEST2.

ROOKIE allows me to open door with my key and reach inside to turn on lights. I call to GUEST1, asking her to bring my backpack to the door. I retrieve my Travel Document from the backpack and give it back to GUEST1. Officers take Travel Document. I tell GUEST1 repeatedly to call FRIEND1, tell her what was happening, that I was going to jail, and that she could find info on my computer.

Police officers demand I come back down stairs with them, load me back into car and drive me to POLICE STATION.


My memory is increasingly cloudy. I am trying to hold on to a single fact, the name of MIROSLAV PAŠEK. I am told to sit on a bench while discussion goes on inside an office near the entry to the building of my case. The officers have my Travel Document with them. ROOKIE1 or ROOKIE2 stands in hallway outside office watching me.

ROOKIE1/2 demands I empty my pockets, take off belt, turn off mobile phone, leave all objects on table opposite holding cell door. I comply. I am led into holding cell. I ask for water and to visit the toilet and am told “soon”.

There is part of a bottle of water in the cell. I drink it and place the empty bottle next to another one in the cell.

I lay down on the bench to rest. I notice my jeans are wet on the back side, presumably from falling on to wet ground at the BAR courtyard. I take off my jeans and lay them on the bench to dry, and lay down again. A passing officer tells me I must put my jeans back on. I refuse, telling him they are wet. He says that I must, since other people are passing by the open-bar door of the cell. “Prežijú,” I tell him – “They will survive.” He goes away.

After some time I am led out of the cell into an office. A male officer with short dark hair and a black laptop computer wants to interview me. He is assisted by another officer, female with long blonde curly hair. I answer a few basic questions. Female officer asks me for my mother’s name. I tell her. She doesn’t understand, asks me to write it down. I ask her if I may have paper and pen to make notes. She refuses. I refuse to write anything unless I can take my own notes. Eventually she relents and writes down my parents’ names herself with spelling assistance from me.

The male interrogator is asking a series of questions about the events of the evening. He asks why I took the photograph of BARTENDER. I state that I don’t want to answer. I am told that I must answer. I tell the officers that I’m not going to answer any more questions without an interpreter and an attorney.

During interrogation I state that I was beaten by police at BAR courtyard. Police officers are impassive.

During interrogation CURLY appears at the door to the room. When I turn to look at him he turns away before I can view his name badge, while he looks me in the eyes.

I am taken back to my cell, and lay down again. I am in extreme pain all over the right side of my body. I cannot lay on that side, and moving is painful. I feel extremely cold, and parts of my body are trembling at random.

POTENTIAL OFFENSE: Failure to Report a Crime (two officers)


MIROSLAV PAŠEK comes to the door to my cell after a few minutes. MIROSLAV PAŠEK demands that I sit up. I ask why. He says I must obey him. I refuse and lay down. He calls me insulting names and threatens me. I ask if he really wants to do that while on video (camera mounted at back of cell near ceiling) and he snarls. MIROSLAV PAŠEK enters the cell, demands again that I sit up. I ignore him. MIROSLAV PAŠEK grabs my shirt collar and right upper arm with his left hand and attempts to haul me up, loses his grip. MIROSLAV PAŠEK grabs me again, hauls me to my feet, strikes me several times in right side, and on head. I fall to the floor, striking my head on the floor. MIROSLAV PAŠEK demands that I get on the bench and sit. I comply.

CHARGEABLE OFFENSES: Assault and Battery, Abuse of Authority by Public Official (MIROSLAV PAŠEK)


An English-speaking police officer who calls himself MARTIN appears at my cell door saying he’s been asked to help me with the interview since my Slovak is not so good.

I ask MARTIN if I’m being charged with anything, and he says no. I ask if I’m free to go, and he says no, I must give a report. I tell him I’m not giving any information without an attorney.

MARTIN goes away and comes back several minutes later. Normally I would give the attorney’s name to them and they would call, because it’s “not like America here”. But they give me my mobile phone. I call FRIEND1, explain situation, ask for help. I turn the mobile phone off and return it to MARTIN, who places it back with my items on the table opposite the cell.

I remain sitting. I am dizzy and in great pain. My head hurts like nothing before. I feel like my temperature is dropping rapidly. I continue to experience tremor in my extremities.

Some time later I stand and go to the cell door. MARTIN sees me, asks if I am all right. I tell him about my symptoms. He asks if I want a doctor. I say yes. He says a doctor will be here shortly. I ask him if there is a rule that I cannot lay down on the bench. He says no. I ask him then if his friend Miro (MIROSLAV PAŠEK) is still here, since he beat me in the cell because I would not sit up. He states that MIROSLAV PAŠEK has left, his shift having ended.

POTENTIAL OFFENSE: Failure to Report a Crime (MARTIN)


MARTIN returns to my cell and leads me to another office. Two more senior police officers are there. One is typing something on a typewriter. They ask me a number of questions about answering questions for the report, which I refuse to do. MARTIN interprets. I again state that I was beaten by police officers at BAR, and then by MIROSLAV PAŠEK in the holding cell. They seem incredulous.

POTENTIAL OFFENSE: Failure to Report a Crime (MARTIN, two interrogating officers)

The older officer sitting on the right side of the office at one point says that I can leave if I pay a penalty of €30. I refuse, saying I’m not paying anything.

Two paramedics arrive. One speaks English and asks me about my condition. They decide to recommend that I go to the hospital, and I agree. They fill out and ask me to sign a Patient Agreement. I comply. I demand a copy of what I signed and they refuse, saying “You don’t need that, that’s just for us,” until finally they give me a blank copy of the same document (ATTACHED).

MARTIN tells me that I’m to be released with a “predvolanie” order to appear at the police station at 8am Monday morning (ATTACHED), and that I’ll be taken to the hospital without escort “So it doesn’t seem like you’re a murderer or something.” I agree, and sign an envelope (ATTACHED) indicating my receipt of the predvolanie document.

The paramedics call the ambulance service. There is trouble because I don’t have my insurance card with me and can’t remember the name of the insurance company. The paramedics require €2 in payment for something. I have a five-euro note, which I give them. They don’t have the proper change. They return a €2 coin to me, and I tell them to keep the change. They give me a cash receipt (ATTACHED).

Knowing I’m released, I ask to make a phone call. My phone and other items are given to me. I phone GUEST1 at 8:34AM, who has already left my residence with her friend.


I go with the ambulance personnel and am taken to the hospital at Kramáre. Female paramedic takes my blood pressure and presumably pulse prior to departure. At the hospital, I am given an intake examination in the emergency room. I am then X-rayed 3 times for the head, twice for the chest. I am given a physical examination by one doctor. I am given an ultrasound examination of the abdomen and lower chest. I am given a second examination of a sort (see below), during which the doctor reviews the X-rays. I am discharged without admission or treatment, with a medical report (ATTACHED).

Between examinations I lay on seats in the hallway and try to sleep. I cannot sleep. The pain in my right side is debilitating, and I continue to experience peripheral tremors.

During the second general examination (largely verbal) in the emergency room, I point out to Dr. Michal Magala that I have a number of cuts, scrapes and bruises that I received while being beaten by the police. I ask that they be examined and noted in the file. Magala tells me that these are “somariny” (“jackassery”), and that I could have gotten them anywhere. I insist that I’m here for a medical examination after being attacked, and want all of my injuries noted in detail. Magala yells at me, again saying these are “somariny”, approaches me threateningly and smashes his left fist into a cabinet between us for emphasis.

My friend FRIEND2 meets me at the hospital and drives me home, where I arrive about 11:20AM, Saturday, 5 September 2009.

Deficiencies in the medical report:

  1. The notation “Homans negat.” indicates that a physical test for indications of deep vein thrombosis was conducted. No such test was conducted.
  2. bez vytoku krvi genitalu” indicates there was no discharge of blood from the genitals. No questions about this were asked, nor was I ever asked to remove my trousers for the necessary examination.
  3. The report claims that a pelvic palpation examination was conducted. No such examination was conducted.
  4. The report claims that an examination of the legs was conducted. No such examination was conducted.

EPISODE 10 – RESIDENCE – Saturday, 5 September 2009

I take 800mg of ibuprofen, make some phone calls and fall asleep around 12:30, for about sixteen hours. I’m in extreme pain. I cannot lay on my right side, my head hurts, I feel dizzy, moving my chest in any fashion causes great pain. The tremors have ceased. I am terrified, and can’t think clearly.

EPISODE 11 – RESIDENCE – Sunday, 6 September 2009

I begin writing this report, and share early versions with a number of people.

I photograph some of my injuries with my mobile phone camera and a mirror.

A friend comes and photographs my injuries, and takes with him the unwashed clothing I was wearing during the attacks.

I am supposed to give a statement at 8am on Monday. Numerous contacts to lawyers result in failure. All are either not certified for the criminal system, on vacation, don’t speak English, or otherwise unavailable.

I make contact with a court-certified interpreter, and arrange to meet at her flat at 7:30am.

I go to a restaurant to have dinner around 8pm. A friend’s contact calls to give me the number of a qualified lawyer. I arrange with the lawyer that I will phone him at 7:30am, and he will call the police station to exercise my right to postpone the interview until I can have counsel present.

I go home and make phone calls and other arrangements. I cannot sleep. I am terrified, in pain and can’t think clearly. I set five alarms on my mobile phone to awaken me before 6am, and finally get to sleep around 4am.

EPISODE 12 – RESIDENCE, POLICE STATION – Monday, 7 September 2009

I awaken at 10:40, having not heard 5 alarms or a call from FRIEND1 at 8:11am.

I shower, dress, take 800mg of ibuprofen and go to a restaurant to have coffee. I phone the interpreter and ask her to call the lawyer for me, for him to call the police station, apologize for me and to arrange another time. She phones him and calls me back, saying that I should just contact them myself. He doesn’t want to represent me now, because he does not speak English.

I walk to the POLICE STATION, appearing there around 11:45am. Since I have no interpreter, they will arrange one.

While I am waiting, I briefly catch sight of CURLY entering the building. I am terrified.

The police tell me that the interpreter will arrive at 1:00pm. I leave to meet a friend, and show her an early version of this report in hardcopy.

I return to the police station, part with my friend and enter at 1:00pm.

Around 1:15pm the interpreter arrives.

The interviewing officer is the same one who told me to put my jeans back on while in the cell, and who attempted to conduct the interview previously. The interpreter is presumably another police officer, unknown to me previously.

I apologize profusely for being late. The officers seem to accept this.

I ask if I’m being charged with anything. No. But I could be charged with a breach of public order offense, a misdemeanor which carries a €100 fine.

I tell them that I want to move the interview to a time later in the week when I can have counsel present. It’s not clear whether or not this is permitted, but they insist on carrying out the interview now.

The parameters of the interview are set such that I can discuss things with the interpreter at length, and he will then dictate a summary in Slovak to be entered into the report.

I tell them that I am reluctant to give any information, because I was beaten by the police at the scene and while in the holding cell. They seem incredulous and shrug this off.

I tell them I don’t want to file any charges or register any complaints.

I end up signing a “witness statement” of some sort, which contains a very vague description of events, roughly this:

Around 4:00 AM on Saturday, 5 September 2009 I went to BAR. I had a couple of drinks. There was a conflict between me and the bartender. As I left, I could not find my glasses. I called the police. The police arrived and asked me for my ID, but I didn’t understand. The police took me home to retrieve my ID, and then to the police station to file a report. I was released to the hospital for medical treatment.

I was not resisting the police in not providing my ID, there was a misunderstanding.

I sign two copies of the statement, and ask for one copy. I am refused, the interpreter telling me that they are not allowed to give me a copy.

I leave the police station around 2:30pm. I go home, take 800mg of ibuprofen and sleep for six hours.

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  2. By Darian on 22 October 2009

    Mike, I suggest you post a 2-5 paragraph summary of this also.

  3. By Aaron Kinney on 22 October 2009

    This is horrible, Mike. I can’t believe this happened to such a peaceful person! Why did you call the police? You know they only do bad things.

  4. By Matt Crandall on 22 October 2009

    damn man, that is fucked… i hope you can get some coverage of it in local newspapers or something… good luck on everything man, let us know how we can help (not sure what we can do, but let us know)!

  5. By Anonymous on 22 October 2009

    Well holy shit dude, ever heard of the MOB? In Slovakia and various Eastern European countries the police make our Cops looks like fucking saints. You were an idiot for pissing off the bartender and not leaving his private property when told to, you were an idiot for fucking with a police officer in a foreign country that is an ex-soviet state, and you were an IDIOT for not running to the border immediately and disappearing completely.
    You were GODDAMN LUCKY that bastard didn’t kill you right there, he could have gotten away with it. If you’re going to be a “stateless person” at least have some brains and realize some countries don’t give a fuck about who you say you are or your “freedoms”.

  6. By Tom Ender on 22 October 2009

    Hey Matt, as for what you can do, how about republishing the downloadable documents, as Mike suggests in the first sentence of his posting, and not only a link to NoState.

    If this site gets taken down by those who want silence on this issue, they won’t be able to get that silence should there be many other sites that have the documentation available. Spread the word and the documentation. Even if you don’t republish, download for possible later republication.

    And Mike, I’m not sure I was wise to ping here, but I wanted to let you know it was *somewhere* else. It might be too late, but maybe you could remove the ping. 🙂

  7. By The New Anarchist on 22 October 2009


    Part of believing in this ideal is living it, no matter where you are, no matter what the consequences. I know Mike wasn’t martyred or anything. Hell, from reading his account, I can see just how scared he was, and I know this isn’t a glamorous story by any means. But what’s done is done. We know he was right and they were wrong. Regardless of whatever games the world has in place, for a few moments, he dared to play his own.

    No, he didn’t do what I would have done. He didn’t handle it the way I would, but he’s one of my brothers now.

  8. By Aaron Kinney on 22 October 2009

    Anonymous is a statist troll. I bet he wouldn’t talk like that if it were him getting the shit kicked out of him by jackboot thugs.

  9. By Aaron Kinney on 22 October 2009

    I reposted your report here:

  10. By Dano on 22 October 2009

    Mike, I am sorry to read this.
    Have you approached any media?

  11. By Anonymous on 22 October 2009

    There’s one thing to believe in an ideology. It’s another thing to get yourself killed in a foreign country, buried in an anonymous grave, and forgotten forever, because your forgot THE most important thing that overrides all ideologies, the man with the biggest stick on the boat is in charge. This is a FACT of reality, one which any Anarchist (or member of any radical political ideology for that matter) needs to realize. Your ideology means nothing if you’re dead.
    @Aaron Kinney
    Well thanks, the derision of an obvious idiot is no higher praise to me, it means I’m on the right track. How about YOU go to China…or even better Morth Korea, and educate them on Anarchist living? Tell me how that works out…

  12. By Iggy on 22 October 2009

    mike refused to leave the bar, because he heard a woman screaming, so he ordered another whisky. mike says, other guests were told to leave but then says, they were given drinks. after being beaten, mike stays in the vicinity of the attacker and after calling the police, he tries to make money on him. mike doesn’t remember what he was talking about with the policemen, but he does remember every time he heroically laughed at them. mike doesn’t remember the name of his insurance company. the second thing mike does in a cell is take off his trousers to dry them…. too much holes in this story for me. and if the point is true, then it hurts the story not revealing it whole.

  13. By Marty on 23 October 2009

    Mike, The only fuck-up I can see here is not leaving the first time you were asked. I’m not clear on the sequence of events (Was it “Please leave”, “No”, “Scream!”, or “Please leave”, “Scream!”, “No”?) If the Scream and the request for you to leave were in close order, then you were fully justified in sticking around to see if someone needed your help, and leaving once you saw no-one did. All that aside, What happened to you IN NO MEANS is justified by what you did (Wait a little while before complying).

    Unfortunately, My influence in the blog-o-sphere is minimal, so there isn’t much I can do to help.

    One thing I Must know, though: What “other services” were on the menu? I thought that buying drinks was what a bar was for! The food, the entertainment, everything, is geared to make you buy more drinks. I don’t get it.

  14. By MCLA on 23 October 2009


    Hope you are doing ok now. There’s no corner of the world safe for a person who insists on living free. I envy your courage, but I do think you should be cautious while dealing with the state-business mafia.

    Take care and get well soon.

  15. By Temujin on 23 October 2009

    May that vile policeman someday receive what he so truly deserves.

    MIROSLAV PAŠEK, I hope your name goes viral.

  16. By giancarlo on 23 October 2009


    You are a brave soul. I admire your conviction.

    May you heal quickly & completely.

  17. By Aaron Kinney on 23 October 2009

    Anonymous: cool story bro. Now GTFO.

  18. By Rudiger on 26 October 2009


    The place he was assaulted is essentially a brothel. See, for instance: (scroll about halfway down)

    A typical “menu” at such a place might look like this:

    Before any of you get shocked, you should know that Eastern Europe is crawling with these kinds of places, as is Germany. People do sometimes go there just for a drink and to chat up the girls “working” there, especially because they are often open after other bars have closed. That said, I don’t personally know of too many people who don’t go to such places for the other services on offer, although it’s certainly possible. Prostitution is not illegal in Slovakia; the people that run these kinds of places, however, are often pretty sleazy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the proprietor were giving kickbacks to the cops, and to taxi drivers as well.

    Incidentally, as someone who has both travelled extensively and lived in Eastern Europe for the past 20 years, this situation strikes me as the result of at least some amount of idealistic naivete. I’d never advise anyone to expatriate him/herself without the cover of state consular protection, no matter how distasteful that might sound, unless (s)he were both fluent in the local language and its customs as well as totally conversant with its laws. What if, for instance, you were to run afoul of some corrupt officials that decided that you were guilty of some offense worthy of deportation? You would then truly be like the unvoluntarily stateless person (e.g. Kurds, Roma, etc.) who have no choice but to throw themselves at the mercy of some other state apparatus, or to live forever at the margins of society.

    It’s also worth pointing out that Slovakia has a post-independence history of official corruption (see for a fairly recent report by the UNHCR). This does not make it too popular within the ranks of EU states. (People with non SK license plates often get stopped for bogus infractions by cops trying to shake them down for a bit of cash.) Were I ever to renounce my citizenship, Slovakia wouldn’t be too high on my list of European countries because of this kind of entrenched corruption. Sure, it’d be ahead of Albania, Romania, FYROM, Yugoslavia, and (probably) Bulgaria, but one would almost certainly fare better just an hour to the west in Vienna, Austria. Or, if you object to the higher taxes in place there, Andorra would be promising, as it has no income tax.

  19. By Robin on 26 October 2009

    Took the HTML version and posted a permanent page on my blog. Be careful, Mike. You’re needed alive.

  20. By CommonSense on 27 October 2009

    Welcome to the REAL WORLD! Honestly, what the hell did you expect? Idiot. The simple fact that you are even pursuing this further means you are completely detached from reality. You are a fool of the lowest caliber. Someday your self-righteous fantasy will catch up to you. What do you hope to achieve by this? Ny your own definition you are a “stateless person”. That means you have no identity, no influence, and NO recognized “rights”. God,

  21. By Jim Davidson on 27 October 2009

    The world is “the best of all possible worlds” only to the mindless Pangloss. The perfection of hindsight makes every arm chair admiral infallible in every conflict.

    Yes, there are lessons to be learnt here, and Mike has done well to lay out the facts and offer his experience. No, there’s no need to be obvious, captain, about how things might have been different.

    I have also been arrested unjustly, accused of things that I had not done, and attacked violently by the police. I have eleven broken bones in my body and a busted left lung which remind me frequently that the police are evil pigs.

    The answer, my friends, is not blowing in the wind. The answer is agorism. Avoiding government (and) operating realistic, individualistic, sensible markets. From the Greek agora, meaning an open market where the community engages in discussion, trade, and commerce.

    Henry David Thoreau asked whether it was possible to have a government that would suffer those mature persons who wished to do so to drop off the vine and live their own lives. I think, after 160 years, we can answer his question. No, such a government cannot arise, and won’t ever do so.

    But we can follow the advice of Etienne de la Boetie and withdraw our consent. We can do our best to avoid supporting tyranny, so that it fails, and withers, and starves.

    It has taken generations to build up the monumental super-state. It make take a few years to reduce it to rubble. Time and time be time.

  22. By Ken on 27 October 2009

    Foolish Americans have been trained to “call 911” whenever something bad happens to them.

    Calling the police in Eastern Europe is NOT a good idea. Figured that out yet?

  23. By Ken on 27 October 2009

    This whole thing is ridiculously hypocritical.

    If you are an anarchist, then why did you call the cops? Why did you cry for the state to save you when your big mouth got you into trouble, if the state is illegitimate?

    If you really believe in the whole property rights thing, you should have left the private bar the first time you were asked. Right?

    Frankly, you deserved to have your ass kicked by somebody, and I wouldn’t be surprised if you get a few more whippins before you learn mind your manners and keep your mouth shut in a hostile environment.

    The wealth of the wise is their crown, but the folly of fools yields more folly.

  24. By Jimbo on 27 October 2009

    “Američan.” I laugh.”

    Thugs, uniformed or not, dominate a situation and apply their rules to any “threat” to their control. Your laughter to them was a challenge and they “kept you in your place.” Step lightly and be careful, your idealism means nothing to these people.

  25. By Robin on 27 October 2009

    Aside from the repost of your report, I’ve offered a response. Not really flattering but I hope you’ll take it in the light it’s intended: as someone with deep respect for you offering an outside perception.

  26. By Anonymous on 28 October 2009


    I don’t follow just exactly how agorism is the best solution

  27. By Jimbo on 28 October 2009

    “I don’t follow just exactly how agorism is the best solution”

    I’m not trying to argue the merits of agorism here. Some folks believe their philosophy is some sort of shield against the power structure that is in place… Not so.
    Like other posters have mentioned, the police in Eastern Europe tend to be in on the prostitution business. Doesn’t seem wise to call them for help in a flesh pot dispute when you aren’t the owner of said flesh pot!

  28. By Benno on 29 October 2009


    Sorry, my previous post got cut off mid-sentence. The question I was trying to raise, as seemingly asserted by Jim Davidson above, is whether agorism really is the solution. I think not, and here’s why: the agorist position, as I understand it, essentially reduces human behavior to economic actions. This would be inaccurate, in that there are many human behaviors and actions that are non-economic.

    It also progresses from the premise that the “state” is inherently bad, from which one could (or should?) infer that all states are bad, in all times, places, and cases, which I don’t think can be conclusively demonstrated to be the case. This would, for example, exclude states for which we have no written historical record, e.g. the numerous states that existed in the pre-Columbian Americas. One could also infer that it excludes any possibility of a future state to emerge that might be “good,” or at least more benevolent (or benign, i.e. less coercive and/or non-violent, the likes of which have existed in the historical record) than those that are seemingly objected to, which appear to me to be limited to a narrow selection of Western governments, most or all of which are democracies.

    Now, if one takes the position that the idea of a state is inherently bad because it is a hierarchical system that exerts coercion, well then we really have a problem. Believing that the state is an entity whose excision would make society free (or at least freer) is to ignore the fact that the state is, in reality, and activity that originates within a society, its attendant culture and inherent hierarchies. If we could really just –poof– make the state disappear, you would still have any number of hierarchical, coercive structures still in place, many of which are as aggressive and potentially violent as the “state”. Think, for instance of the supercilious boss in the workplace who threatens his underlings: if they don’t do his biding, they get fired – no job, no money, no health care, etc. And the boss can use potentially violent means of coercion (police, private security forces, etc.) to ensure that the fired employees depart and do not return. Think also of the numerous dysfunctional family situations, replete with abusive spouses, abusive children who exploit the physical difference in size and strength between siblings. None of this would disappear with the disappearance of the state.

    The real question, I believe has not to do with the presence or absence of a state, but the way in which humans treat one another. Given the apparent self-centeredness that much of the libertarian spectrum of beliefs encompasses, it is hard to see how a society of self-interested individuals would be preferable. People can and do cheat and defraud each other, and will continue to do so provided they have the right incentive. Perhaps this is human nature, or perhaps it is the nature of humans in their current state of societal (and/or perhaps spiritual) evolution. One does not encounter these tendencies (or at least not as strongly) in communitarian societies, for instance.

  29. By Kevin Carson on 29 October 2009

    Mike: I have reposted your account on my blog. I hope you get some benefit from it. Have you gotten any response yet?

    Ken: So many non sequiturs, so little time.

    First of all, we live in a world where the state has preempted and crowded out voluntary alternatives. If the state is peforming a function that would be legitimate as such in a stateless society, and the range of alternatives is limited, there’s nothing immoral about using the services that are available. Why, just the other day I used the Post Office!

    Second, you seem to elevate property rights to a disproportionately lofty place in the overall scheme of things. If you’d seen a slave being whipped on a southern plantation, would you have genuflected the minute the planter invoked his “private property” and just left the scene? The possibility that innocent people may be in danger ON a piece of property trumps the OWNER’s right to it. Do you think the existence of private property equates to the freedom to recreate your own little Dachau on that property without any outside interference?

  30. By Jim Davidson on 29 October 2009

    The character of agorism as reducing all human activity to economics is mistaken. That’s Austrian economics, certainly, and in his tome “Human Action” Ludwig von Mises does a good job of identifying how economics can be used to scientifically test hypotheses about human actions, especially those, like finding a market clearing price that are essentially cooperative and economic in nature.

    Agorism is based on the view that all states are always evil. It is based on the recognition that the classical liberalism fallacy has been exposed. (By, e.g., Hans Hoppe in 1999, or in my essay “The Morpheus Proposal” in 2003.) That fallacy is the charming notion that governments are instituted to defend life liberty and property and depend on the consent of the governed. In fact, the state exists to provide benefits to those who run the state, and most of those people don’t give a damn whether they have the consent of the governed or not.

    It is idle to speculate about mysterious states that existed in pre-historical times or in places where the Spanish Inquisition burned all the historical records. If you insist upon a state, so you can have a machinery of government and hear its din, to satisfy your idea that “someone” should be in charge, then go ahead and design what pleases you best. I’ll find ways to avoid that state, too, in the unlikely event you ever bring it about.

    My point to Mike is that direct confrontations with the police are a bad idea, no matter what is going on. Agorism teaches us to avoid the state, not confront it. A better solution would be to set up a competing brothel and offer better terms for the prostitutes, less violence, and a higher return on their time. Doing so would have put Mike in a better position to pay off the cops rather than confront them, bribe them instead of getting beaten by them, find out where they live and burn their homes down, etc. Doing so would also have put Mike in a better position to attract away the young women who were evidently being raped or beaten and were screaming about it.

    Mike got beaten by the cops. He encountered the surplus order which the state uses to defend those who run the state, as Alvin and Heidi Toffler describe the matter in their books _Powershift_ (1990) and _War and AntiWar_ (1993).

    I think it is asinine, uncharitable, and ugly to make fun of Mike. It is evil to blame the victim for what was done to him.

    Having said those things, I think it is important to recognise Mark Twain’s advice about the cat that jumped up on the hot stove and would not thereafter jump up onto the stove, even when it was cold. The cat got more out of the lesson than it had in it.

    Leaving Bratislava to publish the facts in this case, and working with other nostate activists in Europe is certainly a good short term approach. Believing that you are exiled from Slovakia from now on is probably not a good idea. Life is long and possibilities are endless.

  31. By CommonSense on 29 October 2009

    Kevin you are a pretentious shit and you know nothing about how the real world works. You cannot substitute your “stateless” reality for the reality that states are in charge. You can “declare” yourself a stateless person all you want, if you fuck with someone, you get stomped.
    I an Anarchist society, if Mike refused to leave MY bar, I wouldn’t just kick him out, I would beat him to near death and made sure he never so much as LOOKED at my bar again. If you don’t care about property rights, then give me your credit card number.

  32. By Drunkenatheist on 30 October 2009

    @CS: Wow. Look at the internet tough guy!

    @Mike: Though I don’t run the most popular blog on the internets, I have sandwiched your account between a photo of my (now departed) beagle in a pirate costume and my griping about Obama’s hate crime legislation. I sometimes get idiotic trolling, so maybe one of my moronic ex-friends will see it and pass it on or remember your account. (Then again, knowing them, they’ll probably pass it along with a comment of “if only we had this system in America!”)

    Best of luck to you with dealing with this shit.

  33. By CommonSense on 30 October 2009

    Look, someone who can’t refute my arguments.

  34. By Mike Gogulski on 31 October 2009

    @Drunkenatheist: Thank you. I could hope for a better sandwiching, but still… mmmm, sandwich! 🙂 (thanks)

  35. By Darian on 31 October 2009

    @CommonSense You should try making an argument
    before complaining that someone won’t refute your arguments.

  36. By Peter BP on 2 November 2009

    Mike, I read your account today after seeing it linked at KC’s blog.

    Anonymous was right to say that you are lucky to be in a condition to be terrified; those dead or in a coma have no such feelings.

    I hope I won’t get labelled a troll too, but it is truth that the mob is still alive and well in eastern europe, and it is very easy to disappear people who have pissed off somebody with connections in that regard.

    I’m not gonna do any moral lecturing. I wish you a full recovery, but do watch your tongue and your ass in the future.

  37. By Saoirsí on 4 November 2009

    I sympathise with you regarding these thugs in uniform and you did the right thing by writing out a full report – both for your own sense of clarity and equilibrium. And also to put the public eye on these gorillas. Rats don’t like daylight.

    You’ll get the boasting rights to a good war story in future years as compensation at least.

    And then, maybe, this will also serve as a useful warning for others – and maybe for a bit of self-reflection – about street-smarts?

    A brothel is not somewhere one goes to sip drinks and absorb atmosphere – these are working girls not free scenery. And you are in an environment with a rough crowd, not intellectuals.

    It was a bad, bad, _bad_ idea to take that girl’s photo – is it surprising the guy “looking out” for her and the other girls took that as a threat? You went there, looked at the scenery, but didn’t go there for what people are actually supposed to go there for, then you freaked out a girl by snapping her photo as you were leaving? Don’t you think they might have thought you some kind of potential psycho-stalker or rapist? This is not Starbucks – even if it was, you would still freak out a girl by doing that! What the hell were you thinking, man?

    And then you tried to extort money from the guy that punched you because you freaked them out? Again: what the hell were you thinking?

    I’m not defending thuggishness by anybody man, but you don’t wander down a dark alley to taunt an Alsation and then wonder why it bites you!

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