Miroslav Pašek’s work, in pictures

23 October 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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A couple of post-police attack photos, taken on 6 September 2009, the day after.

Bruising to right upper arm showing finger impressions of Miroslav Pašek

Bruising to right upper arm showing finger impressions of Miroslav Pašek

Slovak State Police hired thug Miroslav Pašek has learned how to inflict great pain with his hands while leaving few if any marks on the victim’s body.

Most of the blows he struck against me were to my ribcage and upper chest. No bruising at all was ever visible there. Nevertheless, more than six weeks later, I still have twinges of pain in that area when I move or lay down in certain positions.

The bruise shown here is a product of Pašek momentarily losing control. When he came into my cell demanding that I sit up rather than lay down, he must’ve been gosh-awful furious that I wasn’t all instantly obedient. The bruise resulted from Pašek hauling me up from the bench by the arm, and clearly showed the shapes of three of his fingers.

Tisk tisk, Miro.

Bruising to left knee, courtesy of Miroslav Pašek

Bruising to left knee, courtesy of Miroslav Pašek

I’m not entirely certain how this injury to my knee arose. I may have been kicked or stomped in the knee after having fallen to the ground in pain after being hit. Or, it may be that my other knee impacted this one during one of those falls, and caused the bruise. Unclear to me.

This bruise was visible immediately. A second, even larger bruised emerged over the succeeding days higher up on the same leg. Similar uncertainty as to its origins.

All this stuff — except for the residual bruised-rib pain I mentioned above — is healed up now. Physically, I’m okay.

The psychological and emotional effects, however, are ongoing. I’ll be writing more about that in the near future.

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  2. By The New Anarchist on 24 October 2009

    I finally got to see Mike naked! Mission accomplished.

    Anyway, I’m spreading the news in whatever way I can without knowing the language. I keep reminding myself, though, that I’m fighting the culture that created Pašek.

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