Wanted (2008): The worst, most stupidest film ever

11 November 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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That’s right, you have no life.

You're not really going to click on Angelina now, are you?

You're not really going to click on Angelina now, are you?

No, no, nevermind that you watched Fight Club and learned something, you’re still a complete moron.

Look, listen… if you get to the end of this piece of cinema garbage and still want to bang Angelina Jolie, well, yes… you’re a complete moron.

Look… I’m not even gonna try to tell you just precisely how dumb and bad this is. If you’ve never seen Manos: The Hands of Fate, you cannot yet know how bad a film can be.

Go ahead, click things. I can’t stop you. I can, however, curse your damnable dumbness in advance. Go, go! Watch me curse. Curse… cuuurse!! CURRRSSSSEE!!! *hack* *spit*

Okay, Morgan Freeman did do a fine acting thing as usual, and got a million dollars for it. Nobody knows why.

Now to free 740MB of disk space…

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  1. 4 Responses to “Wanted (2008): The worst, most stupidest film ever”

  2. By Márcio on 11 November 2009

    The movie was awful, but I was never a fan of Angelina’s intelect or acting chops… I would still bang her after this film.

    P.S. I’m not a moron, at least not a complete moron, maybe parcially.

  3. By John Galt on 12 November 2009

    The photo does not show two of her best features (her tits) nor her very fine ass. It does show her with her finger on the trigger, but the gun is not pointed at something she plans to destroy, and she’s not even looking where it is pointed. Poor gun control.

    Still, one could bang her self of ten years ago and not feel badly. She was much hotter then. Many women peak at 10,000 days and go downhill quickly. YMMV

  4. By Kent McManigal on 12 November 2009

    The MST3K version of Manos is much more palatable. I have it on DVD as a sleep-aid.

  5. By b-psycho on 15 November 2009

    I saw it as one of those films that’s so stupid it ends up funny.

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