Bleggers in Spain

13 November 2009 by Mike Gogulski
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UPDATE: Forgot to mention the most important thing. BIG THANKS to Arto Bendiken and the other residents of the Marbella Geek Villa for putting me and Henry up for a couple of weeks — and for putting up with us!

As my friends and regular readers know, I’ve left Slovakia and taken up provisional digs in Granada, Spain. There were two reasons for getting out. The first is to be able to tell the story of being brutalized at the hands of the Slovak Police and to publish Miroslav Pašek‘s name widely, without same beasts knowing precisely where I live and having easy access to my fragile corpus. The second reason is psychological. From the time of the attack until I left, I was more or less a shut-in. Leaving my building, walking around the city, taking a bus, even visiting with friends all were liable to trigger memory and emotional associations which would set off various negative psychological/somatic reactions in me: fear, stress, anxiety, depression.

Image unrelated, but still a good read

Image unrelated, but still a good read

So it was time to go, get my story out — for what that’s worth — and try to rebuild my psyche. And getting out has done me good: the fear/stress/anxiety stuff is gone, since I’m not in the triggering environment. The depression — something I’ve been prone to for long years anyway — is still there. And now there’s a new element, too: homesickness, an emotion-complex I’ve not really experienced before. Bratislava had become home to me, and now that’s been ripped away, along with easy access to my dear friends there. This will all get better over time, I know, but it still sucks for the moment.

So, to the bleg. Moving is expensive. And it gets extra expensive when you have a sweet 18-year-old cat depending on you for his daily love and vittles. €857.48 worth of expensive, to be more or less exact, or US$1,274.99. Money I don’t really have.

An itemization of my moving expenses is below, followed by a special treat. If you can help out, I can take payments to mike (at) gogulski (dot) com via PayPal, MoneyBookers, Revolution Money Exchange and Pecunix. Direct “pay” links to all of them can be found at Support above, and there’s also a ChipIn widget here now. Please don’t mark anything as a “donation”, since PayPal particularly seems to think anyone who accepts “donations” needs to be a state-registered charity. Use “gift” instead, if anything.

And thanks as always for your attention, your interest and your support.

ExpenseCost (€)
Shipping, 5.2kg, 2nd class€ 27.50
Shipping, 8.9kg, 1st class insured€ 38.50
Shipping, 13.3kg, 2nd class€ 45.50
Shipping, 11.7kg, 2nd class€ 41.00
Shipping, 6.7kg, 2nd class€ 29.50
Shipping, 13.8kg, 1st class insured€ 50.50
Taxi, Bratislava to Vienna€ 46.00
Plane ticket, Vienna to Malaga€ 189.00
Plane ticket for Henry€ 30.00
Bus, Malaga to Marbella€ 5.17
Taxi, Marbella bus station to house€ 15.00
New cat box€ 7.00
New SIM card€ 15.00
Bus, Marbella to Granada€ 14.59
Buses during househunting€ 6.05
Hostel, first night in Granada€ 16.00
Hostel, next 2 nights in Granada€ 36.00
Hostel, last night in Granada€ 15.00
Phone calls for arrangements€ 20.00
Bus, Granada to Marbella€ 14.59
Car rental, Marbella to Granada€ 86.00
Fuel€ 18.58
New bed sheets and blankets€ 41.00
Desk bought from former tenant€ 50.00
TOTAL€ 857.48

And now, the promised treat!

Henry's first breath of freedom (which he used to complain, loudly), in Marbella, Spain, after 10 hours of undignified travel

Henry's first breath of freedom (which he used to complain, loudly), in Marbella, Spain, after 10 hours of undignified travel

  1. 3 Responses to “Bleggers in Spain”

  2. By Sky Captain on 13 November 2009

    Well, the people are friendlier(apart from ETA) and the weather is MUCH better. Of course, the Spanish economy is suffering greatly.
    Glad you got the hell out.
    Good luck!

  3. By ben on 14 November 2009

    It’s pretty cute when he’s eating the grass instead of barfing it up 🙂

  4. By Stephanie on 14 November 2009

    Long journey for both of you. He doesn’t look too happy in that picture. 🙁 Glad to hear you’re settling in nicely.

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