Collateral murder

8 April 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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If you haven’t seen it yet, WikiLeaks has released a damning classified video of American Apache gunship pilots wantonly slaughtering people in Baghdad. This is an abbreviated version of the full 39-minute video, and perhaps necessary background to what I wrote below.


On the one hand, I am grateful to WikiLeaks for making this available. On the other, I am ashamed, disappointed and frightened that such direct evidence of evil is necessary for people to ascertain its presence and dominion.

“Bushmaster” will never be prosecuted by the system which put him in control. Maybe one or two of the CounterStrike-addled kids who actually did these murders will, and be released after a couple of years, having been “rehabilitated”. The whole goddamned thing will be swept under the rug and forgotten, much like the carpet-bombing and napalming of Vietnamese and Burmese families two generations ago. Much like the firebombing of Dresden. Much like Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Much like the massacres in the Philippines. Oh, I could go on…

And the machine will grind on. Threatening, extorting, imprisoning, torturing, maiming and murdering, until we put a stop to it. These creatures — I cannot call them “people” — live in your communities. They attend your churches. They dine in your restaurants. They attend PTA meetings at your school. They shop in your grocery store, and, maybe, they occasionally come into contact with your children or grandchildren at the playground. They are monsters, worthy of less than the bottom of a well, and yet they live among you.

And they are forming your culture. They are defining the world we live in. They are honored and revered for their “service” to rival global death machines. And the music swells, the crowd rises, hands go over hearts, and…

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  2. By gilliganscorner on 10 April 2010

    Look at this story here:

    “Leaked video shows civilian killings in Iraq, signifies growing power of independent Web journalism”


    “Unsuppressed video depicts wholesale government slaughter of civilians, signifies growing failure of the mainstream media cartel’s grip on [mis|dis]information agents for the State.”

    Memo to the media: “It isn’t working anymore”.

    This is why the Internet is so important. However, this window won’t be open forever. The internet will be regulated…in the name of the public interest of course:

    “Senate Bill Would Give President Emergency Control of Internet”

    What’s an “emergency”? Anything the State says it is.

  3. By Edward Ringwald on 12 April 2010

    Ladies and gentlemen, at this time we ask that you please rise, gentlemen remove your hats for the playing of our national anthem.

    What are we saluting when the colors are presented and the Star Spangled Banner is played at a baseball game, football game, NASCAR race or even the Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus? Our troops who are participating in an illegal war? Our law enforcement who has an “us against them” (specifically since 9/11) attitude especially when our civil liberties are concerned?

    Case in point: Here in Florida any law abiding citizen can be declared a second class citizen by the State of Florida on the orders of a store manager and/or law enforcement by having a trespass warning issued banning a person from a place for life. Besides, trespass warnings are convictions for trespassing without the benefit of due process and trial. People in Florida who are homeless are more susceptible to have trespass warnings issued but it can happen to anyone in Florida. Just to show you how the State of Florida treats its law abiding citizens.

    This is just my opinion. Great post though!

  4. By Seth on 16 April 2010

    Six million views on youtube in one week and counting. At least more of the public is getting a clear view uncensored of the what good ole Noamie Chomsky calls the “hyper-violence” of the American death machine (military).

    This video makes me physically sick, and reminds me of why I must keep starving the beast of its blood money. Just think of what it will be like to have those helicopters flying over American cities, dismembering and slaughtering people that you know and care about. And it’s all a big fucking joke to the criminals in uniform, goddamn I hate this world when I see videos like that.

  5. By Anonymous on 23 April 2010

    A thought I have: the man doing the killing is less enthusiastic about firing than his fellow spectators. He stalls and is slightly more intent on asking for permission to kill.

    The chain of command is a useful device to avoid thinking about one’s actions.

  6. By brmerrick on 27 April 2010

    My intial reaction, when I saw the reporters walking with their cameras, is how in the world these guys mistook them for AK-47s? It makes me think about 9/11, and how (according to the officially sanctioned version) a government that ostesibly exists solely to protect our rights, and steals a ton of money from us to do so, was totally and completely unable to do a single thing the entire morning to stop just one bad thing from happening.

    Look at the video from this multi-million dollar machine, at the quality of what these guys could see from the helicopter. I can see tremendous detail on my 5th Generation iPod video screen, yet for all the money thrown at the military, these “professionals” are using a spy device that can’t tell the difference between a large camera lens and an assault rifle or an RPG. These boys are thoroughly incapable of “defending” my “rights.”

    Beyond that, I couldn’t make it through half of this video. In the emotion of the moment, I have to agree completely now with Mike. They are among us, and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it, except shun them.

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