US military prick meets US Border Patrol pricks

15 May 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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There’s a series of 4 videos here. A US military soldier servicecreature paid thug was detained at a border checkpoint in Texas a few weeks back, and didn’t do the standard “roll over, lick boots” routine expected of the Empire’s chattels. The detainee has some kind of dual camera system in his car which records everything, and from what he said at one point, may even upload it to the internet in real time.

The events, over some 36 minutes, range from terrifying to comical. Particularly interesting to me is how the guy calls the FBI in the first video, and is initially told things completely out of concord with local US law. But hey, the poor boy’s got faith, right?

Got there via Checkpoint USA, via CopBlock.

Remember, part 1 of 4:


  1. 5 Responses to “US military prick meets US Border Patrol pricks”

  2. By BJ on 18 May 2010

    I am getting that camera setup!

    It is great!

    More people should stand up for their rights.

    They had no reasonable suspicion.

  3. By Dan Roper on 19 May 2010

    What’s the big deal?
    Why would he not roll down his window? That alone raises suspicion. Is he afraid of his own countrymen? Its a border checkpoint for Krissake. I think he wanted to test his new camera setup and he was looking for a confrontation. The customs guys appear very professional.

  4. By Melissa Danley on 25 June 2010

    How much did he cut out of the video? I’m sure the driver wasn’t all polite. The driver was a jerk.

  5. By Deniz on 28 October 2010

    Dan and Melissa really like costumes.

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