Slovakia: Gay pride and prejudice

22 May 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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Central Bratislava is playing host today to Slovakia’s first ever gay pride march. Busy sleeping, I wasn’t there for the event itself, though was affected by it due to the presence of hovering police or news helicopters disturbing my rest. And, presently, the sound of the concert a few blocks away is drifting through my open window. Bravo for them, I say!

Gay Pride Bratislava 2010Slovak MP, former Interior Minister and head of the Christian Democrats of Slovakia party Vladimír Palko has weighed in on this development with a brief opinion piece published in three languages at La Voce della Slovacchia, a primarily Italian-language news outlet on the Slovak scene. The piece is entitled “Gay marches end in tyranny“. Yes, you read that right.

The homosexual lobby wants to achieve a situation where the homosexual lifestyle is respected by the majority society as something normal and natural.

I’m unsure, myself, what the “homosexual lobby” seeks to achieve in Slovakia. But if it includes this, I support it whole-heartedly. Because what we have in the meanwhile is a situation where it’s considered “normal” and “natural” to hate anyone operating outside the religio-culturally prescribed heterosexual model, and act accordingly toward them.

Palko then explains the “tyranny” he wants his readers to fear is coming, that they might grant him and his cronies more power:

I will mention the example of Judge Andrew McClintock from Sheffield, who lost his judges robes because he did not wish to preside over cases where he would by law have to award guardianship of children to a homosexual couple. Another example is the employee of City Hall in London, Lilian Ladele, who will no longer be able to do her job as wedding registrar, because she had a problem with her conscience in “marrying” homosexual couples.

So, what Palko wants those who read his screed to fear is that government workers will be “tyrannized”. Awwwww! It makes me want to go run right out and give the nearest police officer a great big hug.

As long as issues such as sexual orientation and marriage are to fall under the baneful gaze of states, it should be clear to anyone, Palko included, that the only proper function of the government employees handling them is to simply carry out the law impartially. And if they can’t handle that, fine, let them go out and get into an honest line of work instead.

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