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1 June 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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Sometimes I get fan mail. Sometimes I republish it here. I put a few comments below, but feel free to let Barbara know just how you feel.

From: []
Sent: Thursday, April 01, 2010 1:03 AM
Subject: nice website

Dear Mike,

I understand that you are the creator of this website that specifically says “fuck the troops“. I don’t think you mean to actually fuck the troops, that would make you a homosexual-well judging by your picture I guess that is a possibility-but it’s not really relevant now is it. The message you have tried to convey in your very limited intellectual capacity simply doesn’t hold up. I don’t see any type of educational masthead or anything that would tell me or any one else reading your comments that you are intellectually qualified to make these statements, so I’m going to guess that this is just your very limited and I might add, lame ass opinion. You specifically mention all of the innocents being killed. I’m just curious, what would you call all of the people killed in the 9-11 attacks?

Here’s the thing Mike, it’s beyond difficult to have an intellectual argument with someone like you who is completely unarmed. I’m guessing you live in a trailer park and are married to your sister, but that’s just a guess..actually it could be your first cousin, no matter. I would offer to send you a plane ticket to any place else in the world, so you could go there and experience first hand, what it’s like to live in another country, without the types of freedoms you obviously took for granted every single day of your useless life here, but I see that you’ve already left. So if you’ve left why do you think anyone cares what you think? Well maybe the FBI or Secret Service or Homeland Security. I’ll forward your information to them just in case.

I am an average American citizen who thanks God (yes, Mike that’s with a capital “G”) every day for the sheer bravery and heroism exhibited by our men and women in uniform. People like you who never accomplish anything in life are truly sad individuals that’s why you live the way you do. You don’t have the courage or intellect to actually get out there and do anything, now do you? Frankly, I pity you, but candidly, I pity your mother more.

Barbara Donahue
Grand Prix Productions
(310) 889-9310

Well I hope that made you feel better, Barbara. If your idea of being “intellectually armed” is to insinuate things about your opponent’s sexuality, social status, lack of education and potential inbreeding, I really don’t know what to say. The people killed on 9/11 were victims, sure. Do their deaths excuse the murder of hundreds of thousands of people in Iraq and Afghanistan? Oh, and I don’t believe in imaginary sky fairies (with capital letters or without). As for “sheer bravery and heroism”, I guess that must include the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people?

I’ll tell Mom you said hello. And by the way, fuck the troops. Oh, and happy Memorial Day.

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  2. By Barbara Donahue on 1 June 2010

    Wow did it take you 60 days to respond to me because you had to look up the words? No, Mikey FUCK YOU and your useless lame ass opinion. You know the opinion you are allowed to share because of our troops. Where exactly do you live? Yeah, not here. That’s what I thought. Do say “hello” to your mother and tell her that I am sorry that you are the only abortion that ever lived.
    I had a great Memorial Day..thanks!

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 1 June 2010

    No, Barbara, it took me 60 days to respond because your message was among the lowest priority things on my plate, and I finally found the conjunction of free time, interest and timeliness to make it happen.

    By the way, they are not “our” troops. I’m certainly not part of your “we” when you say that, and they’re damned well not my troops. Additionally, the idea that I would be unable to sit in my home in Bratislava, Slovakia writing on the internet without a million-some American murderers is not only wrong, but an atrocious lie. But you go right on believing what you’ve been told to believe, and doing what you’re told to do. Some of us have awakened.

  4. By AV on 1 June 2010

    Dear Homeland Security,

    Hi. I saw a man on my internet who refuses to support paid killers. Thus I have reason to suspect he is a homosexual. I also pity his mother. Thank you for your swift investigation into this matter.


  5. By Rorschach on 1 June 2010

    Possibly homosexual. Investigate further.

  6. By halfgroundbeans on 1 June 2010

    I love the argument that goes like this:
    a) if people weren’t defending the homeland, you’d not have the right to speak the way you do.
    b) the military are the people that defend the homeland.
    c) therefore military action is what allows you to speak the way you do.

    That is functionally the same argument as:
    a) if the economy tanked, then no one would have food, shelter, water, etc
    b) Wall Street firms are the lifeblood of the economy
    c) therefore Wall Street’s actions are what allow you to have food, shelter, water, etc.

    Not only is the above statement not logical (‘c’ doesn’t necessarily follow from ‘b’), but it’s also demonstrative of how manufacturing premises can help you prove anything.

    If there was truth to the statement “the military defends your rights to speak how you do”, then what could we draw from that? Well, first and foremost, you’d have to justify that foreign soil aggression is somehow the same as ‘defense’. Secondly, you’d have to show that WITHOUT that foreign soil aggression, I wouldn’t be able to speak how I do.

    And that’s without even getting into the legitimacy of the military itself.

    9/11 is such a strawman to bring up in this discussion. Was there a functional difference before, and after 9/11 in the ability for American’s to exercise freedom of speech? At best, I’d say it had no difference, and at worst I’d say that the ability of American’s to exercise free speech was compromised by the government-military-industrial complext itself.

    Put it another way: I didn’t see armed Al Qaeda moving through my neighborhood and shooting anyone speaking out on site; I did, however, see armed government thugs moving through our country stopping those who spoke out (either through intimidation, legal practice, or even force). It’s not Al Qaeda that keeps us from saying the word ‘bomb’ in an airport; it’s the government that does.

    The military isn’t defending Mike’s freedom of speech (his expat status notwithstanding); the military is working on behalf of the government to export American culture under the guise of ‘fighting terror’.

    And this has been the same for every war in American history. Whether the government identifies ‘our’ enemies (and I use the term ‘our’ loosely, since as far as I can tell my only enemy is the guy that stole my iPod last year) as Commies, Terrorists, Socialists, or Librarians doesn’t really change the fact that the military is the enforcement arm of a body who’s made it their job to beat the rest of the world over the head with our ‘superior’ culture.

    So Barbara, I salute you: that letter to Mike was probably the best ass-kiss to the man job I’ve seen in a while. May government blessings rain down on you and yours, and may your God and your Flag forever protect you from reality.

    ‘Cause the reality is that reality really don’t need ya.

  7. By PunkJohnnyCash on 1 June 2010

    Barbara is a Douche (yes Mike that’s with a big “D”) Yesterday Barbara devoured her BBQ in celebration of mass murder by her state.

  8. By disinter on 1 June 2010

    I sent the dumb cunt my thoughts.

  9. By Mike Gogulski on 1 June 2010

    Do share, dear Disinter…

  10. By disinter on 1 June 2010

    Barbara, watch this:

  11. By Marty on 1 June 2010

    Barbara, Let me tell you a few things about Freedom of Speech:

    It applies to everybody, not just those whose opinions you agree with.

    A soldier shooting an Iraqi Does NOT protect that right in any way.

    And Finally, Mike has every right to post his response online, Whenever he feels like it. Even if it had taken 9 months to get around to your lame comment, Then that would just be an indication of how much he values your opinion.

    Now, Allow me to tell you something about YOU:

    You are an intellectually stunted, Bigoted, brainwashed old biddy that everyone in your neighborhood likely hates because you are always in their business. Go back to writing your report on which neighbors are cheating on their spouses with the pool-boy, and sell your computer. You’re obviously too stupid to use it properly.

    A Final Wrap-up (What your email address says about you):

  12. By Mike Gogulski on 1 June 2010

    @disinter: Thanks for sharing that video, horrible though it is. What the ex-soldier says, “Our wills have been subverted”, sounds like something directly out of They Live. Wake the hell up, earth creatures.

  13. By disinter on 1 June 2010

    Her response to my email to her:

    “A circuitous email. I hope you die the most horrible death known to mankind. I hope you come here and call me. I’d love to have a face to face conversation with you, you little piece of nondescript shit. You are nothing now and you never will be. Have a nice life moron, and oh yeah….

    Barbara Donahue
    Grand Prix Productions
    (310) 889-9310 office
    (310) 889-9310-3 facsimile
    (310) 994-7656 mobile

    This coming from someone who “who thanks God who thanks God (yes, Mike that’s with a capital “G”) every day”

  14. By Mike Gogulski on 1 June 2010

    @disinter: Imagine my shock!

    Oh well, at least the mobile phone number’s out there now. I couldn’t be bothered to amend the post with it.

  15. By Marty on 1 June 2010

    Oh, And has anyone else picked up on the fact that she apparently believes Mike has not ever been out of the States? News flash, Numb-skull… He’s an Ex-pat living in Europe. Kinda hard to get beat up by Slovak police while shacked up with your sister in a trailer park in Santa Monica. (How IS your brother, by the way, Barbara?)

  16. By Marty on 1 June 2010

    And one more thing, Barbara… Since you’ve requested a Face-to-face, I thought I’d let everyone know the Address associated with the phone number you graciously gave us:

    15581 Aqua Verde Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90077

    Since this information may be outdated, I also thought I should share the Picture you ALSO gave us, Just to make sure nobody annoys one of your fine neighbors by confusing them with you:

    So, Address, Phone number, and Picture. Anyone in the LA area feel like taking her up on her offer of a Face-to-face chat? Who knows, she might even listen to reason. (yeah right)

  17. By Anonymous on 2 June 2010

    I have always been against any war! But through unfortunate circumstances, my son is in the Navy. I never wanted this, my his is my child. I love him dearly.

    If you go this route, of cursing the troops, you will loose a great deal of the population, who have family in the military. As well as the troops, the soldiers themselves. When you insut them, you’re going to fight the military as well.

    What you want is to bring them all to your side, to have tghe Military Branches across the BOard, link together and stop obeying their superiors.

    The troops at the Front, already know that the reason for the wars are not valid. However, they’re “kidnapped” tehre, with no way to come back. Don’t think they’re not broken already, they’re suffering, and dyring, and being maimed, phsycally and mentally. The DPU is killing htem as well. Already they’re committing suicide by the hundreds.

    I pray for those people in foreign countries the U.S. has invaded, people suffering and dying. I also pray for our beloved kid sholdiers, who are our treasures above all the gold on this Earth.


    A Latina

  18. By Barbara Donahue on 2 June 2010

    Please note this website will be shut down.

  19. By Mike Gogulski on 2 June 2010

    Do your worst, Barbara. If by some miracle you do manage to get the site or domain shut down, you can count on all of the content reappearing someplace else quicker than you can say “brainwashed fool”.

    @Anonymous: Then the brave thing for those on the front lines who find themselves in such straits is to turn their weapons on their commanders.

  20. By Barbara Donahue on 2 June 2010

    Dear All,
    While this has been great fun, I am now bored by your mediocrity. Thank you for posting comments under my name that I never posted. I guess you find it necessary to insight your own troops by false postings. I think that is called propoganda, but no matter.
    While I sit here with my glass of wine, overlooking the Pacific, in my 5,000 square foot house, I can only feel vast amounts of sorry for you and yours, (thanks Marty for posting “my” address..five and a half years ago). It is impossible to motivate some people except by hatred. That is the unfortunate path you have chosen.
    I have chosen to contact Steve Ballmer at Microsoft, (aka hotmail). Any and all emails sent to me from Micrsoft addresses will be cancelled. Your web site will be cancelled by either the FBI, Secret Service, (who actually told me your postings were considered a hate crime) and/or the Department of Homeland Security. They are all eager to investigate. AT&T will shut down any text or telephone communiques and all of the aforementioned are prepared to prosecute. The best, however, was the position taken by the State Department. They have red flagged your information and are investigating your passport status. Should you still hold an American passport it will be red-flagged. Should you hold a passport from another country, the entry will be computer based, all leading to the same conclusion, which is you that you will be permanently denied entry into this country. Finally, I was told by one of those agencies, that you had been arrested and beaten in Pennsylvania. They are looking for any relatives you may still have in this ocuntry. Their exact relationship and ties to you will be determined and they, too, could be unceremoniously shown the exit door.
    On that note I bid you adieu.

  21. By anthony on 2 June 2010

    The website will be shut down ay. Well mike, looks like the troops failed in defedning your right to free speech after all.

  22. By David Z on 2 June 2010

    wow… look at the name-dropping. She personally talks to Steve Ballmer at microsoft? Then she got in touch with some high-ups at AT&T who are willing to “shut down” any communication with her mobile phone.

    Then, she managed to talk to the FBI, the State Department, and the Secret Service about you! I’m surprised she didn’t phone Barack himself.

    Barbara, do you really expect anyone to believe that the FBI/SS/etc. has any interest in investigating cases of severe internet butt-hurt? News flash: fancy talk, no matter how many misspellings (“incite” rather than “insight”, “sorrow” rather than “sorry”, etc.) might frighten some punk-ass 16 year old on Teh Intarwebz, but it isn’t going to work here. It just makes you look like a goddamn moron. Your last post reads like a chain-letter: If you copy this and forward it to at least 10 friends within the next 30 minutes, Bill Gates will personally send you a check for $1,302,845.42

    It is apparent, Barbara, that you haven’t the faintest idea what the word “freedom” means.

  23. By disinter on 2 June 2010

    Psycho Barbara barfs:

    It is impossible to motivate some people except by hatred. That is the unfortunate path you have chosen.

    Oh the hypocrisy!!!

  24. By brmerrick on 2 June 2010

    Dearest Barbara,

    I am a homosexual, and will gladly fuck any troop that renounces what the US military is currently doing. Feel free to alert your friends in the Gestapo.

    B.R. Merrick

  25. By HiggsBoson on 2 June 2010

    What is really sad about this is Barbara’s views are shared by millions of Americans. If you say anything remotely negative about the “fine men and women in uniform” they foam at the mouth, spew obscenities, and wish pain and death upon you.

    War is death and destruction.

  26. By Robin on 3 June 2010

    I would just like to point out that living in the geographical region which the corporation calling itself “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” does not make one an “American”. For that matter, nor does that corporation’s belief that one is a citizen (i.e. slave) make it so.

    Their murderers are not my troops and have never fought for my freedom.

  27. By charliedontsurf on 4 June 2010

    What Barbi doesn’t understand can be summed up in a single word: history.

    Right now you think the soldiers are there to protect you. But soon enough they will be brought home and used against you, the Citizens of the Empire. History shows us that this is what ALWAYS happens with the police and the military.

    First they will be used against the Citizens, and then they will be defeated – too many will join ‘the people.’ That’s when the foreign mercenaries will be brought in to finish you off.

    Of course, Barbi will be one of those that Henry Kissenger spoke of when he said “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”

    So you see Barbi, when US or foreign troops decide they like your 5000sqft home with a view, they’ll take it. If they find you at all attractive (obligatory childish-remark-in-kind: i can’t image they why they would be attracted to you, but then they aren’t known for havng good taste) they won’t hesitate to bop you over the head with that bottle of wine and take what they want.

    You should hope that the heroic Iraqi resistance takes care of them before that. Nothing better than one of those scum bleeding to death on the side of an Iraqi road, recipient of a well-placed IED. I particularly like watching the soldier’s mothers and wives crying their eyes out on TV. No one deserves misery more than the Citizens of the US Empire.

  28. By Seth on 5 June 2010

    Sweet Jesus and Holy Sheepshit, I can’t remember the last time I laughed this hard at a comment thread.

    Barb, you are precious, don’t ever change, mkay?

  29. By gilliganscorner on 6 June 2010

    Remember Barbara,

    In order for your precious troops to defend person and property, their employer must first initiate force against said persons and decide how much property they get to keep and take the rest.

    In case you’re not following, that’s taxation.

    War is impossible without taxation.

    But I’m sure it falls on deaf ears.


    BTW, I’m with Seth. This comment thread is too funny.

  30. By Los Angeleno on 10 June 2010

    I live in the Los Angeles area. I am familiar with Barbara (though we have not personally met), some of her friends/acquaintances, and Grand Prix Productions.

    There are rumors floating around about Barbara’s sexuality, or rather, homosexuality. Accusations of “lipstick lesbian” have been made against her, albeit behind her back. She has allegedly had sexual relations with various females. Can anyone confirm or deny these allegations?

    She also supports Meg Whitman, a republican.

  31. By Martin on 21 June 2010

    This website is still alive, what has happened, Barbara?

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