Cops are outlaws

9 June 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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Some outrage elsewhere, in a comment thread on Roderick Long’s blog:

All the “discrimination!” outrage from the prostrate statist tools here really sets me to thinking.

Far as I’m concerned, it’s safe to assume that every hominid wearing a police uniform, badge, weaponry, restraint tools and comms devices is a robber at least under a natural law theory of justice (that is to say, show me even one who hasn’t written someone a ticket for a non-rights-violating traffic “violation” and I’ll withdraw my “every” claim). If that is granted, then all cops are outlaws. Outlaws have no legitimate claim to protection by the members of a free society and, therefore, I would support the actions of anyone discriminating against cops for any reason whatsoever and as violently as possible, up to and including, but not limited to, shooting them in the face on sight.

Note that not all of my commenting comrades here will agree with this stance.

Kevin Carson’s comments there are blow-up brilliant. If you haven’t seen ’em, go read.

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  2. By Mr Civil Libertarian on 10 June 2010

    That post and its comments (all of them) are one of the best things I’ve read all week.

  3. By Survival Acres on 4 July 2010

    Cops side with the State by virtue of their volunteer status as “employees”, a sure sign of their moral fiber and personal ethics.

    Most are simply revenue agents and thugs, others are brutish sadomasochist thieves. A few may be do-gooders by way of self-deception, but it’s not hard to see past that fabrication since they do after, all, work for the State and take their living from the same.

    We realize that some police officers choose their profession with honest intentions.

    Not possible. Allegiance is always to the paying master. You cannot serve two masters and remain undivided.

    Not all cops are outlaws, but when the law itself discriminates, harasses, kills, murders, steals and rapes the people blind, while still claiming “no legal right to actually protect the people” (look it up if you don’t know this for a fact), oftentimes enforcing victimless crime “offenses” against the fictional State itself, solely for the financial benefit of the State — it becomes very clear that all of the agents of the States are in league with these crimes and support these activities, and by virtue of this activity and practice, criminals of the people themselves.

    This then means that most of the law itself, and those that support it, enforce it and engage in its activities and protection (judges, lawyers, jailers, etc.) is nothing more then “legalized banditry” operating solely under the “color of authority” and (alleged) authorization by the people, which they would never have given if they had understood what was to become of them.

    This makes agents of the law nothing more then authorized bandits and abusers of the public trust by deception (and threats). Wielding total “authority” over the people, they lord their position and power as the “thin blue line” when it is they themselves that have become the enemy of the people.

    Outlaws? No, more like a gang, governed by internal rules of acceptable practices, beholden to none but their own, ungovernable, unquestionable, and usually untouchable.

  4. By magiclife on 28 July 2010

    Despite my recognition of the fact that all words are completely arbitrary and change in meaning almost constantly, sometimes we still need them to communicate. And maybe if there were no differences in meaning we could just get along a little better. So…

    I would say this: cops are not outlaws, they are “minions”. Since laws are created by “men” (used loosely, as I see no relationship between me and those who make laws, or collect taxes, or presume to tell us that “God” appointed them to rule over us EVER. So if they are “men” or “human” or “hominid”, then WHATEVER they ARE, I am NOT) acting to ensure the achievement of a certain tribal superiority acceptance. Outlaws are good. Since laws are “man”-made inventions. And before anyone starts with “natural laws”, those are also man-made. They are not laws. They are conditions which exist. It is condition or a property of water that warmer water flows downward at the freezing point. That is not a law. Nature has no laws. We’re educated to believe so and indoctrinated with language and seemingly concrete examples of such, which serves to enforce that type of thinking. But live a few years in solitude (yeah, get your own food, no communications, etc.) and you’ll see the difference. Outlaws are those who live outside of the “law”. Man-made law. Cops carry out the whims of those who make (ie, write them on paper and try to get us to believe they have there is such a thing as authority) the laws. And are therefore evil in intent and action, and perhaps even in their very own nature. I am quite an easy person to get along with, but I’ve never met a cop that I could be friends with.

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