Sabotage and internet media

13 October 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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Sabotage by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

Sabotage by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn

During the Swedish general strike these workers who belonged to the unions and were operating the papers rebelled against printing lies against their fellow strikers. They sent an ultimatum to the newspaper managers: “Either you print the truth or you’ll print no papers at all.” The newspaper owners decided they would rather print no paper at all than tell the truth. Most of them would probably so decide in this country, too. The men went on strike and the paper came out a little bit of a sheet, two by four, until eventually they realized that the printers had them by the throat, that they could not print any papers without the printers. They sent for them to come back and told them, “So much of the paper will belong to the strikers and they can print what they please in it.”

Sabotage: The Conscious Withdrawal of the Workers’ Industrial Efficiency by Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, 1916

Assignment for readers: In the comments, compare and contrast the printers’ action in the context of 1916 with possibilities for workers achieving similar results in the context of mass media communications moving more and more to the internet in 2010.

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  2. By Jim Davidson on 13 October 2010

    I believe the time has come for a general strike, not only by labour, but by all who produce. Withdraw your wealth, eliminate any tax presentation to the state. Let it wither and die. Take nothing from the state, give nothing to it. Use encryption and other means to safeguard what you own and keep what you produce from them. They have earned our contempt.

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