Smoking Salvia Divinorum before Miley Cyrus went to school

20 December 2010 by Mike Gogulski
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Eh, whippersnappers.

From syadasti Tue Aug 13 22:09:47 1996
Subject: Salvia divinorum
Date: Tue, 13 Aug 1996 22:09:47 -0400 (EDT)
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I must thank a VPL member for the S. divinorum leaf he sent. This is
wonderful stuff!
This marks the second occasion on which I've used it. Both times I've had
a sensation of external pressure against my body, coming from a discernable
direction. Both times also I've had some experience of what could be thought
of as visuals, but are really much more like visually-interpreted perception
in other dimensions. The second time, I had a mini-vision of rushing past
several windows in a structure like a greenhouse, accompanied by a REALLY
strong sense that I was near something forgotten, yet familiar, and intensely
powerful. I struggled, perhaps too hard, to grasp what it was, but it has
as yet eluded me.
This is the strangest of substances! I also had the terrific experience of
synaestesia with music, something I've never experienced on another compound.
After I smoked my first couple of bowls this last time, I closed my eyes and
let the music work on me (this was some beat-oriented ambient groove by William
Orbit). I was presented with gently waving bands and waves which swayed with
the beat, and vegetable visions where leaves and stems appeared and built upon
each other in time with the development of the music.
Grass grew from the backs of my hands, at least it felt like that. Both times
I've felt the feeling-tone of my tactile sphere change from whatever normal is
to something that tasted-felt sort of orange and green. I get a slight dis-
orientation, some loss of balance and coordination, and the feeling that my
body is extended into these wierd dimensions that I can *see* in my mind's
eye but which are not part of our normal milieu.
That night, as I lay down to sleep, I was startled and fascinated by brilliant
flashes of light and a sense of rushing, rushing behind my eyelids. It didn't
keep me from sleeping, or evoke any profound dreams, but it sure was
interesting. Several times there was the feeling of perceiving a sort of
shimmering barrier or screen between myself and the imaginal realm that I
had briefly visited, and this was hours after the actual experience.
It's most interesting with Salvia that I have fairly strong perceptual
experiences that are not visual, and that do not indeed seem to relate well
to ANY of my normal senses. A person who also partook with us during this
last smoking said he felt that Salvia wanted him (and this is my paraphrasing)
to turn from the reality-perceptual-tunnel through which he normally looked
and see these OTHER things within the Salvia realm.
ThanK you, you-Know-who!
Mike Gogulski  +1407327CATS(H) +14078053315(W)
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  1. 3 Responses to “Smoking Salvia Divinorum before Miley Cyrus went to school”

  2. By B.R. Merrick on 28 December 2010

    I had a couple of friends who tried salvia, and they both had negative reactions to it, like the mind went too far away from reality for their comfort. Never tried it myself, but their reactions were enough to scare me away from it.

    Or is that something that just happens the first time? Or did they take too much?

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 29 December 2010

    The speed of onset can be pretty scary if you smoke the stuff. Also, getting the set and setting stuff wrong I imagine could lead to bad experiences. This is no party drug, but something to be approached with attention and respect.

    If I were to counsel someone through their first few experiences with Salvia, I would recommend a single, trusted, sober sitter, soft music of their own selection, no alcohol or other drugs in the system (weed on hand for after, if they smoke).

  4. By oby on 6 January 2011

    lol iv never tried saliva but planning on buying a little plant to grow rather then buying an extract , i like to grow stuff and its actually legal here in wis so i can put it ouside in the summer not like i care though i got 2 little girlis in my closet right now and some funguys , my fav way of sticking it to the man! lol

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