Technological civilization is awesome

13 January 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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From TED:

It takes an entire civilization to build a toaster. Designer Thomas Thwaites found out the hard way, by attempting to build one from scratch: mining ore for steel, deriving plastic from oil … it’s frankly amazing he got as far as he got. A parable of our interconnected society, for designers and consumers alike.

Title inspired by Rad Geek Charles Johnson, who runs an occasional blog post series of the same title.

  1. 3 Responses to “Technological civilization is awesome”

  2. By Marty on 13 January 2011

    This is an updated version of “I, Pencil”
    It’s the same idea.

  3. By Elaine on 18 January 2011

    I’ve seen him before. He’s adorable!

  4. By k on 22 January 2011

    The first thing that came to my mind when reading this post was what Jared Diamond wrote about the lack of technology among the Tasmanian aboriginies. It seems that since their population was so small that they did not have enough people around to remember how to continue to make tools that their more plentiful neighbors on the Australian mainland did. If the world’s population was to go down, say by 20%, what technologies would be lost?

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