No, you really can’t legally “secede” from or declare your “sovereignty” with regard to the US government

19 February 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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This phenomenon is now big enough that it really needs a name. I propose:

nomikographomania (n.) – A mental disorder caused by reading too many legal(istic) documents.

Other suggestions?

From the Sarasota Herald-Tribune:

Sarasota detective fired for trying to secede from U.S.

SARASOTA – Last April, a veteran Sarasota Police homicide detective went to the courthouse and tried to secede from the United States of America.

The detective, Tom Laughlin, filed a convoluted document declaring himself a “sovereign citizen.” The filing included a thumb print on each page and a photocopy of 21 silver pieces — the price to become a “freeman.”

In doing so, Laughlin, 42, joined a small but growing group of U.S. citizens who claim they are not subject to federal law, that they no longer have to pay taxes and that their homes are their embassies.

Last week, he was fired for it.


His brother, also a “sovereign citizen” who recently was charged in St. Johns County with trying to extort two Florida Highway Patrol troopers and later with bilking a Sarasota bank of $50,000, convinced Laughlin that he could declare himself a “freeman.”

So Laughlin headed to the courthouse in April to legally renounce his citizenship, telling local, state and federal officials that he would only communicate with them in writing.


The Southern Poverty Law Center estimates there are about 300,000 sovereign citizens in the U.S., and the radical movement has a huge presence online.

  1. 11 Responses to “No, you really can’t legally “secede” from or declare your “sovereignty” with regard to the US government”

  2. By b-psycho on 20 February 2011

    Odd that he wanted to secede, but wanted to keep his job as a cop still…

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 20 February 2011

    I’m guessing that most cops are too dumb to experience cognitive dissonance.

  4. By oooorgle on 20 February 2011

    LOL!, and the officer that stole pot from individuals, baked it into brownies, thought he had overdosed and called 911 on himself.

  5. By Ronin on 22 February 2011

    I’ve heard about the Secessionist/Sovereign movement but, is there actually any legal basis? There ARE some folks in Australia who have managed some similar antics.

  6. By Olivier Wagner on 10 May 2011

    Nothing new. Check “micronation”:

    The legal basis is supposed to be the UN right of self-determination applied at a micro level. It only really works when the claimed territory is not already the territory of another nation (e.g. Sealand)

  7. By treehugger on 24 May 2011

    This is not true. You need to due your research America is a cooperation and yes you can actually declare your state of sorvereignty
    this man failed to remove the citizen status from the end of what he was intending to do. Thus contradicting the hole point of Sovereignty. See slavery never ended it was just spread into all races instead of being abolished.You can actually track your worth in this cooperation through your birth certificate and social security card in the stock market. So unless you have declared your state and deny being a citizen you are a part of the cooperation of the united states of America thus having to abide by the laws.A citizen cannot uphold the law, nor do they have any jurisdiction which is exactly how America messed up. You see the focus is all on MONEY.
    So get your facts straight and then we will talk. PEACE Shit HEAD
    This were the problem lies.

  8. By Mike Gogulski on 24 May 2011

    @treehugger: You’re a loony.

  9. By Butch on 31 July 2012

    People need to stop calling themselves a Sovereign Citizen.. its an oxymoron. Your either an American Sovereign or an American Citizen. If I were to choose I’d say being an American Sovereign is a lot better. As an American Sovereign no one will have the authority or responsibility over you but yourself. As an American Citizen you are bound by the laws and system of America. The Government owns your identity. As long as you don’t claim that identity to be you it becomes the Governments responsibility to settle all debts not you. Neither the judge nor anyone can prove that without a doubt you are that Identity. You never accepted that identity to begin with.. it was given to you. Therefor as the “administrator” you hand all responsibility over to the owners of that property (identity). And they will be held responsible to settle the matter.. and you walk out of court. If the judge call’s out to arrest the defendant. You quickly turn and say what defendant? I’m only here as a friend and peaceful inhabitant to this court room I never claimed to be the defendant. If the officer proceeds to arrest you (which he wont) he can be charged with dishonoring the court room and thereby allowing you to sue him as well as everyone in the court.

    This does work.. but you must know your wording. And must never claim to be the Identity only the administrator and Peaceful inhabitant/friend of the court. If the judge asks for your name, you can give him a first name.. and if he asks if you have a last name.. you can state you have a family name or clan name but it is irrelevant to the court room. The 5th Amendment allows you to not state your name. Therefor the judge has no authority to proceed. And under no circumstances can you be arrested or prosecuted. Therefor all that’s left is for the court to either be dismissed (which it will). Or either the person who gave out the ticket or the government to pay for it (which wont happen it will be dismissed). Knowledge is freedom.. and truth conquers all. You want your freedom study, learn and fight for it! And also keep in mind Obama is not an American citizen he does not have a birth certificate.. he is an American Sovereign. Therefor he does not abide by the constitution nor has he sworn to it. This is the legality around him being able to pass the unconstitutional bills he’s been passing. The Defense act bill, the prolonged detention bill, the Obama UN Gun treaty being signed. We gave this Sovereign not citizen an American leadership role.. he did not give it to himself. And that’s why as a President whom did not swear to the constitution he can legally create unconstitutional laws. But you must understand that he is only a face and was assigned that role by the Government and bankers who are running this country.

  10. By lou allessandrino on 28 December 2012

    hey people,I’m in australia after sending my declaration of sovereinty to state government with in 8days the government sent a 2oman swat team to my family home they shot my 12yr old blue heeler on chain hand cuffed kids holding machine guns at there heads previously 12months before i have had 14 police raides on me in relation to production of drugs ,an i don’t even touch the fuckin stuff they targeted my family my pets an have my daughter .can anyone help me out with info declaring sovereignty an what right s do child services have to take my girl fuckin cops a good one is dead one ,there all criminals with there law behind them,fuck em where is our freedom gone now where not even safe in our family home .we are native to australia an this is our country an what to do to keep our families safe from prosecution an harassment from the government .the next time i see a fuckin sert team on my front door step . i will not hesertait to protect my pets an my family from these fucking thugs that are employed by our government .very interested to here from any members of the sovereign movement in cairns australia .i went to court the other day supreme court trail on producing drugs 10 chargers be fucked judge dismissed all chargers .the government has tried exsteamly hard to put me in prison for any thing they have set me up for nothing may be soverenty may have fucked there plans for me.cheers people .merry crismas to all.h/a lou allessandrino

  11. By lou allessandrino on 28 December 2012

    immunity from police an government laws its all a profitable business but the time we spend getting fucked by these people is irreplaceable we all search for a peaceful existence mm

  12. By dan on 13 February 2013

    so how do you dclare yourself an american soverign? wait until you do something “”wrong” and have to go to court or is ther a procedure through paperwork? I dont understand

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