Internet love lost…

25 February 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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Well, crap. If this is what happens when a random Yahoo! Messenger bot adds me, gee… I don’t know if I can handle the humiliation any more.

(11:07:23 PM) Dora Vancil: hey cutie.. you there?
(11:07:42 PM) mikegogulski: I sure am, darlin’!
(11:07:57 PM) Dora Vancil: Hey hun.. How are you today? Wanna chat for a little? Im bored and wanted to meet new people…
(11:08:08 PM) mikegogulski: is that the “F1” macro, or the “F2”?
(11:08:22 PM) Dora Vancil: Cool… Well, my name is Amanda Im from S.Florida.. Can I ask you a question?
(11:08:32 PM) mikegogulski: Sure, Amandora, go ahead.
(11:08:46 PM) Dora Vancil: What kinda girls you in to? Are you in to BIG TITS or a BIG BOOTY? ;)~
(11:08:59 PM) mikegogulski: neither. definitely not a big booty.
(11:09:10 PM) mikegogulski: as for tits, the bigger they are, the poorer they age.
(11:09:14 PM) Dora Vancil: lol.. I have a lot of both!! 😉 Wanna see? I have some free time now…
(11:09:25 PM) Dora Vancil: i’m 24
(11:09:49 PM) mikegogulski: I’m 98 and a half
(11:10:04 PM) Dora Vancil: Ok… let me set my web cam up and you can watch me shake my booty!! LOL.. brb
(11:10:09 PM) mikegogulski: oh that’ll be great
(11:10:23 PM) Dora Vancil: Ok! Click here and we’ll have a PRIVATE 1on1 chat..There’s a pic of me in there, if you like Just accept my invite on the side then register and it’ll take you straight to my webcam, I’ll be there in a minute.. 😉
(11:11:49 PM) mikegogulski: too bad, your web registration form doesn’t work. i could send you some photos of my flaccid penis, if you like.
(11:12:01 PM) Dora Vancil: click here to see some pix. Just register to see them.. 😉
(11:13:21 PM) mikegogulski: i’m sorry it doesn’t work. it says “website is blocked by proxy server. your attempt to access it has been logged.” What do i do now?
(11:13:36 PM) Dora Vancil: do it! I DARE YOU!
(11:13:47 PM) mikegogulski: does the “i dare you” thing work often?
(11:14:02 PM) Dora Vancil: There is no charge but its gonna ask you for your credit card info just to verify your age. Im wearing almost nothing and I dont want any kids watching me!! lol..
(11:14:13 PM) mikegogulski: gosh you type quickly
(11:14:25 PM) Dora Vancil: Once you’ve completed that, it’ll automatically redirect you to my webcam page..
(11:14:23 PM) mikegogulski: pity that i don’t have a credit card.
(11:14:38 PM) Dora Vancil: Ok, Im all set up for you baby… Ill be waiting for you in the site hurry! My pussy is dripping…
(11:14:35 PM) mikegogulski: would it be easier if i put all my money in a bag and mailed it to you?
(11:14:46 PM) Dora Vancil: there’s no $$ involved!!
(11:14:59 PM) mikegogulski: oh that’s good, because i only have €€ anyway!
(11:15:14 PM) Dora Vancil: XOXO See you SOON! ::MUAH::
(11:15:22 PM) mikegogulski: you folks sort of amuse me sometimes
(11:15:36 PM) mikegogulski: i’ve had much brighter scammers at the other end of these yahoo pickups, though.
(11:15:48 PM) mikegogulski: how many times do you need to cast before you get a real fish?
(11:16:41 PM) mikegogulski: are you still there, Amandora?
(11:16:47 PM) mikegogulski: i miss you
(11:16:59 PM) mikegogulski: do you like cupcakes?
(11:17:05 PM) mikegogulski: waffles?
(11:17:08 PM) mikegogulski: cheese curds?
(11:17:11 PM) mikegogulski: c’mon, tell me.
(11:17:25 PM) mikegogulski: ice cream?
(11:17:30 PM) mikegogulski: everyone likes ice cream
(11:17:36 PM) mikegogulski: what about potatoes?
(11:17:39 PM) mikegogulski: surely you like potatoes
(11:17:57 PM) mikegogulski: *cry* you’ve gone away!

  1. 2 Responses to “Internet love lost…”

  2. By Stephanie on 25 February 2011

    Hilarious 🙂

  3. By oooorgle on 25 February 2011

    LOL! Too bad it wasn’t a real person. I definitely like wasting the time of tele-markerters.

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