Rejoice! Another War!

18 March 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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Because Comrade B Psycho says it so well, and so promptly, and with the spelling of “Qadaffi” I prefer (reformists be damned), I’ll simply quote him verbatim:

Somewhere, at this moment, the CEOs of Boeing, Lockheed Martin, and other defense war contractors are saying “thank you”, crying tears of joy.  The temptation of the U.S. to butt into yet another situation that has no plausible connection to “defense” as a human being with the slightest brain function would understand the term has struck again, this time pushing the U.N. to give a meaningless veneer of legitimacy by implying that “the world” approves.  Out of a claimed concern for civilian lives, “our” government is going to stretch the taxes they’re extracting from us to add more rain of fiery death.  So predictable they are.

No matter what any sycophantic media talking head or grease-palmed PR hack says, the following truths will be borne out:

-This is a foot in the door.  All claims to the contrary are undiluted horseshit, the second anything happens to a single U.S. jet there will be escalation.  Hell, probably even if nothing happens to one.

-Whatever system replaces that of Qadaffi’s regime, the political elite here and their business partners will expect to be able to treat it like their pet.

On the bright side, maybe if our meddling lasts long enough, Paul Krugman can write a column about all the jobs created replenishing our supply of missiles…

America, Fuck Yeah!

  1. 2 Responses to “Rejoice! Another War!”

  2. By Todd S. on 18 March 2011

    There actually is no hard “G” sound in Arabic. Certain regional dialects use it for other letters, like the Iraqis often pronounce the “Q” as a “G”. I’m guessing the Libyans speak a dialect closer to the Egyptians, which would mean they probably say the “G” instead of “J”. Egyptians pronounce the “Q” as a glottal stop, so it’s more like a non-sound.

    In any case, “Gadaffi” is not correct since it actually is spelled with the Arabic letter that equates to “Q”.

  3. By Seth on 21 March 2011

    Note how Boobus Americanus fails to grasp the imposition of the so-called “no fly zone” in this case as an act of war. Hence, another undeclared war has begun, all hail the criminals in uniform.

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