“The necktie is a serpentlike symbol of evil worn by humales.”

15 July 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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Because it will likely be deleted in short order, I give you my response to a fairly disgusting post at

At $77 bucks a pop for Mister Oh-So-Necktied Coxon’s magic words, it’s rather clear that this posting is even less admirable than conventional vulgar libertarian “kill the poor” tropes. Not a grain of compassion shines through, except, perhaps, for:

“France’s GDF Suez, UK’s Rurelec, Italy’s Telecom Italia, Spain’s Repsol YPF, Brazil’s Petrobras, France’s Total, Switzerland’s Glencore, and a host of other international resource companies.”

Jeez, I guess I really hadn’t realized how truly virtuous the successor firms to government monopolies like Petrobras and Telecom Italia are! I guess I missed out on the memo describing the greatness of Total’s exploitation of Burmese — er, Myanmyarese, or whatever, but who cares about them — slaves. What paragons of goodness the elite management of imperial rump-state France’s appointees to the board of GDF Suez are. Best, in fact, if we ignore the stories on Wikipedia of Glencore which say that “ABC Radio reported that Glencore “has been accused of illegal dealings with rogue states: apartheid South Africa, USSR, Iran, and Iraq under Saddam Hussein”, and has a “history of busting UN embargoes to profit from corrupt or despotic regimes”. Specifically, Glencore was reported to have been named by the CIA to have paid $3,222,780 in illegal kickbacks to obtain oil in the course of the UN oil-for-food programme for Iraq.”

I mean, hell, if you can’t get the goddanged CIA on your side in dirty dealings in Latin America what *is* the world coming to?

Incidentally, my assessment of Evo Morales runs directly to “scumbag” and “moron”. But at least the man doesn’t wear a fucking necktie.

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