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7 December 2011 by Mike Gogulski
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Dear Friends,

My renunciation of citizenship is the subject of a feature article at Global Post:–renounce-us-citizenship-mike-gogulski

Many have burned their passports as a form of political protest. But Gogulski is one of only two Americans known to be ballsy enough to have filed the paperwork needed to officially become stateless. And he’s hoping to inspire others to do it, too.


Gogulski says it’s all been worth it. It’s all about proving a point, he says — that the system can’t control him and that citizenship is a silly, anachronistic construct.

He could apply for Slovak citizenship but he likes being stateless. For one thing, it certainly is quite the conversation starter.

Gogulski’s ultimate goal: To start a revolution of sorts in which Americans begin giving up their citizenship and become stateless en masse. Maybe, he says, he can be the symbolic beginning of this movement.

“I know the chances of that are about this small though,” he says, holding his index finger and thumb together in the air.

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  2. By Seth on 11 December 2011

    Was wondering where you’ve been hiding out. Glad to hear you’re pulling out of ye Black Dog downward spiral if you’ll excuse the Churchill-ism.

  3. By Temujin on 25 December 2011

    Geeziz bro, I haven’t checked in here for quite a while. Had no idea you were in the thick of the shit like that.


  4. By Doug B on 1 February 2012

    I sent you something! It’s not a lot, but I hope it helps.

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