The First Letter of Micha-ёl to the Lower Silesians

26 April 2012 by Mike Gogulski
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Micha-ёl, servant of God, and called to be His apostle, to You, the blessed people of Lower Silesia, graced of field and forest, of river and sky, of deep compassion, of winsome females and friendly cats, of Jelenia Góra and Legnica and Wrocław et cetera, I address this letter, that we may, in the sight of our Lord, behold His glory the better.

While on a magical visit to your enchanted land, a powerful Woman, drunk as our Lord, in the company of her ladyfriend, did accost me on the street, praying that I drink with them. “Of course,” said I, and proceeded, with her, into the justified and ancient rite. Much mirth and glee did we share, on the streets of that blessed city, Zgorzelec. Came her manfriends, one smitten with her, to protect her from our drunken Lord’s teachings, with naught but goodness in his heart, that he might preserve her chastity and her honor, and that she wouldst not fall from grace. And he screamed unto her, thus:

“What the kurwa do you think you are doing? Kurwa! You meet some American guy on the street and, kurrrrwa! Drink with him? And already so drunken? Kurrrrrwa?! Maybe fuck him? Kurwa!”

And it was with fear, loathing and righteous anger that I stopped my dance, and turned to this man, and spake thus:

“Thou shalt not speak unto Woman this way, nor shalt you so speak unto Man. For in uttering this word, ‘kurwa’, you demean the work of holy women, and call upon ordinary women to think themselves unholy, and thus dost thou make offerings to a false god, and blaspheme in the face of our Lord, and add evil to the earth, and put false notions into the heads and hearts of Man and Woman, and beg them concur that their bodies are not their own, that their will shall not be done, et cetera. Go forth and speak this word no more, or I am going to fucking punch you in the fucking face, motherfucker.”

And this sinner took pause, and then spake unto me, giving thanks, and I opened my vodka bottle unto him, and he drank.

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  2. By Alain Zeebroek on 17 June 2012

    Hi Michael

    saw your submittance to wikepedia about ID theft.

    Terrible but good that you do the publishing

    By the way Congrats with your new Forex business .. love the plans and look forward to the profits

    Kind Regards

    Alain Zeebroek

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