“The most radical way possible”

11 January 2013 by Mike Gogulski
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My vanity agents constantly scour the internets looking for mention of … ME! Every once in a while, a complimentary surprise pops up.

If I were a god, I’d have to disbelieve in myself, but still.

From “Culture Gods | Escaping Culture” by Liv Jones, via Greensboring:

But the most prominent example that we may have free will over our culture is from Mike Gogulski, who rather than adhering to traditional channels of expatriating, chose the most radical way possible: by renunciation of citizenship to one’s nation. Gogulski then became stateless and now continues to live without a nationality. Mike discovered his own self-autonomy was not a result of culture, but a product of his departure from it. Mike entered into his newly self-manifested “culture” not by fortune, fame or social class, but by the flame from a single lighted match to his social security card, and by his own determination that culture would have no dominion over him. He describes the process not as that of becoming a God, but that of “officially becoming human”.

Thanks, Liv!

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