Bitcoin, Anonymous and the death of the dawning of the age of Aquarius

15 May 2013 by Mike Gogulski
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(UPDATE: Footnote[*] below, 18 May 2013)

(originally published as a Facebook note:


Not this…

In the late 1950s to late 1970s, The Establishment, aka The Man, aka The Conspiracy, aka the FBI (Fucking Bavarian Illuminati) and the CIA (Cocksucking Illuminati Assholes) identified, targeted and destroyed the leading lights of a nascent, shining movement toward global illumination: MLK. Leary. JFK. Morrison. Malcom X. Lennon. And on and on. The dawning of the Age of Aquarius was strangled in the crib.

... but THIS!

… but THIS!

The failure of that time, which culminated worldwide in ’68, was that the movement had FACES, and faces are targets. Destroy the faces, destroy the movement. Take all of the trappings of the new consciousness and recast them as cheap marketing gimmicks: subversion complete. The Hippie pioneers did not drive Volkswagen Beetles because they were some kind of status symbol or mass-consumer-culture signifier. They drove them because they were cheap, simple, minimalistic, trivial to repair and infinitely customizable. It was only later that the cultural imperialists sucked everything good out of the times and pushed it through the marketing meat grinder, until: Fahrvergnügen.

Today, I believe, a few of the surviving “secret chiefs”, if you will, who were active back in ’68 and before are working as cleverly as they can, before they die, to levitate the Pentagon shift global consciousness in much the same way, but with a fundamentally different and more effective strategy: No more faces. Anonymous. Alan Moore’s Guy Fawkes mask. The unknown hero, the nameless brother, the faceless Samaritan. When The Man can’t target a Face, it doesn’t know what to do, and the field is open for massive gains on the side of the regular people. Today, we don’t venerate the Faces. We don the mask. And this Face Book? Oh! Do you jest, or do you not feel the power you have lost?

Whoever or whatever Satoshi is or was knew this, and acted right from the start on that knowledge. No face, no target. Produce brilliance, show some people, fade away into legend.

There is a teaching in Zen Buddhism which I will paraphrase here: If you meet Satoshi on the road, KILL HIM.


* My friend Arto posted this post to reddit under the title of the last statement: If you meet Satoshi on the road, kill him. What’s clear to me certainly isn’t clear to everyone, so I wrote a clarifying note about the meaning of that somewhat shocking phrase, which I now include here.

“If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him” is an ancient teaching from Zen Buddhism. Like most things written in and through and about Zen, it can be interpreted in many ways. In my post, I use it in the following sense:

In Zen, seekers after enlightenment (true knowledge) are presented, many times, with leaps of insight accompanied by degrees of spiritual awakening. The stories are many of students, perceiving a truth or emerging from meditation, running excitedly to their gurus, exclaiming “I see! I get it!”. The roshi’s (guru’s) response often looks very odd: “great, now do the dishes”, or the roshi may even strike the seeker, up the the point of breaking one of his limbs. The point here is that, having achieved some mastery over the subject/object distinction, having seen beyond the Veil of Maya, the seeker has immediately collapsed back into error by his exclamation.

Likewise, there is a tendency among seekers to perceive the divine in their teachers, whether roshi or random strangers, and then fall immediately into the error of venerating the teacher instead of understanding that, as Tolstoy titled his book, “the kingdom of God is within you”. Thus, if the seeker meets someone while he is on the path (road) to enlightenment who he identifies as a being greater than himself, a Buddha, he should kill that being — meaning not to actually murder anyone, but to recognize the impulse toward erroneous veneration, acknowledge it, grin at it, and let that misidentification slide on by, taking away a lesson in the process.

That may not explain, exactly, the title under which the OP shared my post, but, I pray, may point you in the right direction.

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