Democrats: 2% Less Shitty than Pure Evil

28 August 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Inspired by a remark in Arthur Silber’s splendid essay, “Psst — While You Were Gibbering, the Ruling Class Rigged the Game and Won Everything (I): The Personal Touch” and generated using the irreplaceable LolCat Builder, I present:

Democrats: 2% Less Shitty than Pure Evil

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  2. By Tony Caputo on 9 May 2010

    I want to be a Democrat!

    I am 67 years old, retired and living on Social Security. I worked over 40 years and paid in to the system for that 40 year period. Also, I am a Veteran and now I decided I want to be a Democrat!

    If I am a Democrat I can get:

    FREE Welfare
    FREE Food Stamps
    FREE English Lessons
    FREE Medical Attention
    FREE Housing
    FREE Public Assistance
    FREE Schooling
    FREE Social Security

    Oh no, I just realized, I am not qualified, I am NOT a Minority or an Illegal Immigrants.


    How much more $$$ does and illegal immigrant collect than a retired American Citizen on Social Security?

    Ask yourself, why do The Democrats want Americans to support Illegal Immigrants? Answer: GET THE LATINO VOTE!

    Ask yourself, why hasn’t The Government done something to stop the influx of Illegal Immigrants to America in the past 10 years? Answer:
    Politicians have NO GUTS, are only looking after their own Political Career and have Betrayed The American People!

    NOVEMBER IS COMING – Vote Democrats Out!

    The Patriot from Florida…..May, 2010.

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