Human Beings do not Need Citizenship, They Need Equality

28 November 2013 by Mike Gogulski
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This brief essay is part of my application to present a paper at the First Global Forum on Statelessness at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, 15 – 17 September 2014.

Human Beings do not Need Citizenship, They Need Equality

Human beings do not need permission to be born, to live, to work, to love and to otherwise fully participate in and benefit from society. Statelessness is not a problem of a lack of citizenship. Rather, it is a problem of the bad behavior of certain human beings towards others who lack citizenship.

The fact that people can be displaced from their homes and permanently barred from returning, for example – on pain of imprisonment for illegally crossing a border and even death for attempting to resist and evade such injustice – due to a war between states or the collapse of some treaty signed by people long dead is not “a problem that the international community should address,” but rather a problem with the existence of nations themselves and with the crimes carried out in their names.

From Friedrich Nietzsche to Garry Davis to Jeff Knaebel to me, there have been a small number of people who have quit their citizenships intentionally and lived stateless for the remainder of their lives. Certainly, this is a risky proposition in the modern world, where the varnish of a bogus consensus reality allows and even encourages some people to actively discriminate against, exclude and even imprison stateless persons for merely existing, and statelessness is not a status chosen or even desired by the vast majority without citizenship.

Citizenship, or the lack of it – along with gender, immigration status, sexual orientation, religion and race – is used as the basis and justification for social exclusion and discrimination both active and passive. We should allow nobody – whether cloaked in the presumptuous officialdom of state authority or not – to behave in such fashion toward other people without consequence.

Let us strive not to be citizens, but true equals everywhere on this, the only planet we have.

  1. 3 Responses to “Human Beings do not Need Citizenship, They Need Equality”

  2. By Botan on 16 December 2013

    Mike, what would have happened if you had not had a temporary residence permit when you renounced? Would you have been permitted to stay in Slovokia?

    I am thinking about doing this but I think that usually a person is required to have a job or other compelling reason to get a temporary residence permit and I’m retired.

    My big problem is that I don’t think I qualify for a second citizenship in any country. While I’m an expat, I haven’t lived in any one place for long enough to qualify, haven’t worked and have never had residence permits. I haven’t married a foreign wife to qualify, and haven’t enough money to qualify as an investor.

    So I was wondering, can you just go, on a tourist visa, to any of the countries that signed the Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness, then go to the US consulate and renounce, and the foreign country will permit you to stay and give you a path to citizenship? And a travel document that will let you travel all over the world with no problem in the interim?

    And I wonder what would happen if you renounced in a country that didn’t sign this convention.

    While I like the idea of statelessness, I’d rather just have a different citizenship so I wouldn’t have to deal with the problems that one can have due to statelessness.

  3. By Confused American on 17 December 2013

    I sent you an email regarding your views on statelessness and citizenship. But you haven’t responded, I very much would like to get your thoughts. Perhaps my emails went into your junk folder?

  4. By Carolina G. on 29 May 2014

    I would like to become stateless but with no membership to any country as non of them can present my views etc. Mike, can I please message you personally? Though I’m sure your extremely busy. 🙂

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