The Turin Test

21 July 2014 by Mike Gogulski
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Sister Agnes, a Catholic nun reincarnated in a prosthetic body, is arguing with Lobsang, an AI who claims to also be a Tibetan motorcycle repairman:

“Look,” Agnes said, “you’re going about it all wrong. You’re not a human. You can’t be a human. You’re a very intelligent machine. You’re more than human. Can’t you live with that? Being human isn’t about the brain, it’s all tied up with messy things like — well, organs and juices and instincts.”

“You are describing your body, not yourself. In fact your former body.”

“Yes, but –“

“Externally you were an animal, but that was not your self. Externally I am a machine, but you should not judge by appearances.”

“OK, but –“

“We could try the Turin test,” said Lobsang.

“Oh, machines have been able to pass the Turing test for years.”

“No, the Turin test. We both pray for an hour, and see if God can tell the difference.”

And she had to laugh.

— Stephen Baxter & Terry Pratchett, The Long War

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