7 September 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Some of you are such assholes that you don’t read Arthur Silber, even when I suggest you ought to. I would like to be kind in telling you that, but it’s hard to do while remaining dedicated to truth above all other things.

But it doesn’t matter. You don’t listen, and you go on voting. You’re not evil, you’re not stupid, you even have a bright vision of a better world. But you go on voting, thinking it just and hoping it might improve your pathetic lot.

Mock teh Vote

Mock teh Vote - What the precise FUCK ELSE you gonna do?

What makes me sad is that you know better than this. If someone came to you in your private life and asked for that sort, that level, that amount, that quality of belief in their supposed prowess in directing monumental things of epochal import without a single piece of positive evidence to support their claims, you’d be like, “uh, hello, what the fuck, like why should I listen to some jackass like you who just fell off the turnip truck,” but OH NO! when they come dressed in President suits over the Television suddenly the same rules don’t apply. Apples really can be oranges, pigs really can fly, and maybe you’ll finally get that goddamned pony you begged for when you were seven years old.

Right. With that said, go read this. With all due respect. Now!

[O]ne of the crucial questions you need to ask yourself is, not what you are voting for compared to the alternatives, but, very simply: What are you voting for?

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