Turning central bankers into flying ponies

17 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Slovakia’s adoption of the euro on 1 January 2009 has been more or less a foregone conclusion in the country for some years already.

In an apparent effort to squelch any remaining euroskepticism among the warier segments of the Slovak population, the National Bank of Slovakia and Bratislava’s regional school authority have teamed up to create a cute little contest for kids entitled “Euro mena očami detí” (“The euro currency in the eyes of children”).

Children branded by their new currency masters

Children branded by their new currency masters

The kids who produce the most compelling drawings of euro banknotes and coins not only get to have their artwork displayed at shopping malls, the National Bank building and a local Bratislava hospital, and published in pro-EU children’s propaganda rag Euro školák, they also compete for the grand prize — get this — a weekend in Brussels with their parents!

Euro mena očami detí contest entries at Polus City Center, Bratislava

Euro mena očami detí contest entries at Polus City Center, Bratislava

The older kids haven’t been left out the fun either. They can participate in a series of contests sponsored by Junior Achievement Slovakia. Kids 10 to 12 years of age can win books, puzzles and art supplies in the “Predstav nám EURO” (“Show us the EURO”) art competition, 12- to 15-year-olds can win digital cameras and mobile phones for their submissions to the “Tak vidím EURO” (“I see the EURO thus”) photography contest, and the lucky students aged 15 to 19 who win the “Euro mojimi očami” (“The euro in my eyes”) prizes for best multimedia presentation will claim a notebook PC, a desktop PC and a digital camera.

Youngsters seeking more passive forms of central bank brainwashing are invited to the NBS website to view an animated video on pricing stability (somewhat loosely defined therein as an annual increase of only 2% or less) featuring teens wearing t-shirts emblazoned with a big golden € symbol getting schooled on how central banking is really okay. Downloadable games for Windows and Mac are also available entitled “Draw a banknote”, “Buy with the euro” and “Coins and flags”.

Parents can rest assured that none of these offerings will mention the Austrian economics critique of central banking or bring up any painful memories of long-gone days when currency actually had value.

  1. 3 Responses to “Turning central bankers into flying ponies”

  2. By Dano on 19 May 2008

    Back in the eighties, I remember that copying of soviet banknotes themes used to be a part of drawing classes at school. That was compulsory though. Now they do it voluntarily. Creepy evolution, methinks.

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 19 May 2008

    Ugh, that is disturbing.

  4. By John on 31 May 2008

    How nice of all those private companies to voluntarily donate all those prizes to the children, at no cost to the taxpayers.

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