The Tale That Might Be Told

14 September 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Back in February, Arthur Silber offered a beautiful vision of one way that a transition to a stateless society might happen, in “The Tale That Might Be Told“:

Finally, January 20th came. Because they didn’t know what else to do, the political class had made the usual preparations for the inauguration of a new president. Almost no other Americans even noticed the date. In the cold winter air, the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court stood on the platform, surrounded by the usual dignitaries. The few people who wandered by on the street, on their way to work or perhaps to a movie, thought all those people in their fine clothes probably didn’t have any better way to spend their time, which seemed terribly sad.

The Chief Justice and the others on the platform waited for more than an hour past the appointed time. No one appeared to be sworn in as president. One or two cameras carried the day’s events to the nation and to the world, although not many people watched. They were busy with other activities. Finally, the Chief Justice put the Bible down — he had dutifully held it all that time — and he turned to one of the cameras. He attempted an unconvincing little smile and said, disbelief and bafflement in his tone, “Well, I guess that’s it. You’re on your own.”

People went to work. They enjoyed time with their families and friends. Nothing fell apart.

Now that, ladies and gentlemen, is change we can believe in!

Yesterday, Arthur referred back to this wonderful fairy tale of a potential future, and seems to imply that he’s going to explore its themes in greater detail in the coming weeks. Go read, go bookmark, go subscribe if you don’t already, this oughtta be good.

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