“No one is safe from the State”

3 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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122 years after the infamous Haymarket affair in Chicago, the image of the “bomb-throwing” anarchist lives on in the public mind, these days reinforced by the misguided violence of the various black blocs that turn up at street protests around the world from time to time.

Per Bylund has the day’s memorial to those who died in that long-ago bombing, and to those convicted and executed by a state eager to use any means to shore up its power, with the assistance of a gullible public:

Today is a day to remember that no one is safe from the State, that it can use its system of “justice” in whatever way it pleases and put its enemies to death for crimes they did not commit. It is a day to remember that those who hold and claim power have no interest in other people unless they are loyal slaves; the ruling class does not hesitate to use brute, deadly force for the sake of keeping their system of power intact.

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