Obama! Obama! Obama! – Brainwashing children, for great justice!

4 October 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I can’t decide exactly who is the more reprehensible here: the retard parents pushing their children into this shameless bit of heartstrings-jerking statist theater, or the slick bastards who put the whole thing together for the ruling class’s pleasure.

Hat tip to Wally Conger, who has a second part posted that I refuse to look at.

  1. One Response to “Obama! Obama! Obama! – Brainwashing children, for great justice!”

  2. By MySelfReliance on 6 October 2008

    Wow…separation of church and state doesn’t mean anything anymore. Or more appropriately, separation of cult and state. Perhaps distinguishing between the two is like splitting hairs.

    Exploiting children for your crusade, excuse me, campaign, is a sure sign that the non-believers are in for a rotten experience.

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