Imagine my shock… and awe!

4 October 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I have been honored with a right proper fisking over at “The Bobo Files” for my “Fuck the Troops!” post, and given a “Bobo of the Week” award!.

Take a look. You really really really don’t want to miss the sheer genius of words like these:

The Bobo of the Week award

The Bobo of the Week award

In every one of these instances [of war] we have come to the aid of our allies at their request. I am so sick and tired of you pansy-assed whiners referring to this country as an empire. I suppose if someone were raping your sister – you wouldn’t help her would you? You’re such a fucking waste you would shit in your pants first – then explain to your sister later how it was her fault that she got raped. We are a very powerful nation. We have the capability and capacity to help those less fortunate nations when they are under attack by larger nations. Would you not help your little brother if there was a big bully pushing him around? No – of course you wouldn’t. You would rather see your little brother get his ass kicked – then explain to him later it would have just been better to give the bully his lunch money.

These and other exciting fallacies are yours for the deconstructing in the comments section… over there!

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  1. 14 Responses to “Imagine my shock… and awe!”

  2. By The BoBo on 4 October 2008

    The pleasure was all mine, Mike. And thank you too for the acknowledgement! 😉 – and you are absolutely correct – all comments are quite welcome over there.

  3. By Ken Hagler on 4 October 2008

    I’ve found that use of the word “pansy” is a reliable indicator that the person using it has nothing of value to say.

  4. By Kent McManigal on 5 October 2008

    Wow. I have never seen such a poor and ignorant analogy before in my life!

    To equate invading a country and killing innocent people with stopping a rapist is just incredibly…. wrong. It is a clear window into the inner void of those making the comparison.

    Just a word to the wise: in case you think I will stand by while you rape my sister or ANYONE…. you don’t wanna try me.

    But such is the militaristic mindset that it can’t see through nonsensical “logic” like that.

  5. By MySelfReliance on 5 October 2008

    I don’t remember the Iraqis asking us to help them. I don’t think the people of Afghanistan did either. I didn’t ask the government to help me save me from my smoking or drug use either. But I guess bobo is such an altruist, he’ll help me no matter what even it means using the SWAT team and US military. Even if helping means killing a few innocent bystanders here and there for the greater good. I guess Stalin and Mao were good guys too. People seem to often equate non-asshole behavior with pussyness.

  6. By DixieFlatline on 5 October 2008

    Mike, this is awesome and excellent publicity.

  7. By Ethan Lee Vita on 5 October 2008

    Well, I responded in relative depth(glossing over a few things), but page breaks don’t work in comments. I hope I’ve done you proud mike.

  8. By Mike Gogulski on 6 October 2008

    Dear Ethan, you certainly have! I myself looked at this and said “I can’t be bothered to reply,” simply because the amount of programming and propaganda to be pushed against is just too massive to justify the effort, at least for me. Splendid rebuttal, though, and I’m grateful for it. Pity about the line breaks, but whatever 🙂

    There’s only one thing that I would like to pick apart, begging your patience, a little bit in the way you write about the topic. As one example of the tendency, you wrote, “Just because we can, doesn’t mean we should help other nations.” “We” who? To my way of thinking it’s a significant part of the statist deprogramming paradigm to deny and challenge this “we”. Certainly you didn’t go over and participate in the invasion of Iraq, and I doubt that you supported the invasion, so how can you use the word “we” in this context while remaining consistent?

  9. By Ethan Lee Vita on 6 October 2008

    Well, I lost hope a few times, but I was once similar to our fellow blogger(without the insults). And you are right about the we. I still have quite a bit of statist propaganda wired into me. And unfortunately, I did support the invasion at one point. But the term we was wrong. And any further definition I tried to give for it just now evidenced more collectivist ideas.

  10. By Mike Gogulski on 6 October 2008

    Cheers then. You got just the message I hoped to send.

  11. By Darian W on 6 October 2008

    Is it just me, or do the loudest defenders of state brutality have a thing for rape? They bring it up at some strange times.

    Statism really gets some people’s jollies going doesn’t it? Pretty sick if you ask me. But what do you expect from people who rely on false analogies and “fuck you” to justify mass murder?

    I support only the troops who renounce the war machine in thought and action.

  12. By Darian W on 6 October 2008

    I think I meant to say “*Coercion* really gets some people’s jollies going…” in the above. Invoking the fatigue excuse.

    Also, does this post introduce the official mascot of the clown suit defense?

  13. By Mike Gogulski on 6 October 2008

    That question makes me nervous, Darian… just like clowns do…

  14. By on 7 October 2008


    The “Clown Suit Defense” is already employed by state officials who commit crimes while wearing silly uniforms with shiny junk buttoned on: aka police officers.

  15. By Mike Gogulski on 7 October 2008

    Aaron (you? I can never tell when you use the group-blog moniker as name rather than website), I’m sure Darian was being funny here rather than missing the point of the clown suit defense.

    Incidentally, that post has become my most popular, largely due to some people well-connected in the StumbleUpon universe supporting it. Not a one has left a comment, but something like 5,000 have read it now. *swoon*

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