No peace in Paxville

5 October 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Some folks really can’t take it when they see their sacred cows being gored.

Almost 20 years ago, at the muddled dawn of my political awakening, I took a road trip from Orlando, Florida to Washington, DC with a few friends intent on joining one protest or another against the first Gulf War. My car was literally festooned with anti-war, pro-peace graffiti, bumper stickers and slogans — a rolling billboard for anti-war protest.

Late at night during the journey we stopped off for food and a break from the road at a Waffle House or Shoney’s in a tiny little town in South Caroline called Paxville. The perfect stopping place, one might think, given that the Latin word “pax” means “peace”, and wasn’t that just what we were after?

So we ate our meals and drank our coffees. About mid-way through, a small group of young men came in to dine as well, looking at us suspiciously and having conversations with a waitress in hushed tones. Cold stares all around. One of my friends noticed an insignia or patch on something one of the guys was wearing that suggested he was a member of the Civil Air Patrol. Potential conflict ahead, and under the surreptitious appraisal and venomous looks we finished our meals quickly, full of tension that this group might decide to provoke some sort of conflict.

We got back in the car and made ready to continue the long drive to DC. As I pulled out of the restaurant parking lot, one of my friends said that the CAP guys were hustling out of the restaurant and piling into a Camaro. I got us out onto the deserted, dark county road, heading back for the highway, but about 500 yards from the restaurant I and my friends spotted the Camaro’s headlights behind us. The CAP guys were accelerating quickly to close the gap between us. I made a snap decision to evade them; if they wanted to start trouble out here at 4 o’clock in the morning without another soul in sight, we would likely have our faces pulped and the car damaged. Spotting an unfenced field filled with tall grass and weeds ahead, I switched off my headlights and plunged into it, with the Camaro now maybe 200 yards behind. A short, reckless, bumpy ride into the field in darkness, and I used engine braking and the hand brake (to avoid brake lights betraying our position) to bring us to a stop a goodly distance off the road. I shut off the car, and we watched the Camaro pass slowly, take a U-turn a ways up the road past our location and circle back looking for us before making a final U-turn and continuing on their way.

After catching our breath a while and agreeing upon what had just happened, we all shared a laugh about the name “Paxville” and got ourselves back on the highway to continue on.

This close encounter with violence was part of a tapestry of counter-protest that we experienced nearly everywhere. “Support the troops, oppose the war” on our side and “America, love it or leave it!” on the other, backed by the barely-controlled fury of some in the opposite camp eager to bait us into violent confrontation.

I was just reminded of this old tale of Paxville on discovering and reading another follow-on fisking to my “Fuck the Troops!” article. It’s by one W.B.B. Johnson and entitled “OUR TROOPS…MY HERO’S! DON’T LIKE IT…THEN GO TO HELL!“. A long screed with a surfeit of apostrophes and all-caps invective ends on this note:

No one (especially our troops) likes war. Atrocities (which no one wants to have happen) do happen in war… IT’S WAR!! To call our troops murderer’s… is TOTALLY… UNACCEPTABLE and beyond reason! The cracker-ass-joker that wrote this article:, would have been hung for treason against AMERICA… had General George Washington been here today!

What Mr. Johnson doesn’t seem to get is that if I were transplanted into the history he romanticizes here, I might indeed be hung for treason — by the British.

It is one measure of the relative success of the American state’s indoctrination program that so few would be able to make that qualification correctly.

  1. 5 Responses to “No peace in Paxville”

  2. By Cork on 5 October 2008

    Wow, that’s some crazy stuff! Guess we shouldn’t be surprised: “the troops” are a bunch of mindless thugs who have the intellectual abilities of the rednecks in Deliverance. Violence is all they know. Letting these lunatics back into civilized society is a huge mistake.

    The sickening thing is that if they had caught you guys and done something violent, they just might have got off the hook (for being “troops”).

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 6 October 2008

    This of course, was some of the thinking which animated my mad plunge into the darkened field. Quite an experience, really, though not recommended.

  4. By on 6 October 2008

    Have to love the hero worship. The troops support whoever pays them and gives them the power to unleash their primal rages. This includes their own homelands. Wars cannot happen without mindless troops. Good call why would George Washington hang someone for calling the british troops murderers? Washington was on his home turf of course when he became President he attacked civilians so fuck him anyways.

  5. By Ronin jr on 17 August 2011

    Oh my god. Wha the fuck is wrong with you people? Do you really think we’re all bloodthirsty pyschos intent on killing everything we cross paths with? What a bunch of children. God damn, hippies suck

  6. By Hokusai on 21 August 2011

    Jr, yes, psychos. Thugs, goons, babykillers, mercenary, whatever.
    Anyone who VOLUNTEERS to go off to battle in one of the myriad armed excursions of Uncle Sam (notice that WAR has not been constitutionally declared since WWII) must logically be doing so in order to fulfill some sort of blood lust. It’s certainly NOT to defend the homeland. Even NATIONAL GUARDSMEN have been sent abroad! Guard your own backyard. THAT’S what PATRIOTS do, defend AMERICA, not go off to impose the dictators intrusions in OTHER countries. Why do you think so many people worldwide, not just moslems, HATE USA? It’s because of Imperialist TYRANNY, which politicians euphemistically call Spreading Democracy. Yankees GO HOME!

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