BZZZZ! Police at the door.

4 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I live in an apartment building in Bratislava. Recently there was a buzz from the intercom phone near my front door: someone wanted to come in from downstairs.


(In Slovak)

Me: Yes?

They: Good day, sir, this is the police, may we come in?

Me: Why?

They: We are looking for so-and-so, may we come in?

Me: I don’t know so-and-so.

They: Well, could you open the door so that we could come in and look for him?

Me: No, I think not.

They: Thank you, good day.

And then in the hallway, from the apartment next to mine: BZZZZ!

Now, the Slovak police are no saints, but coming as I do from the land of Rodney King, the no-knock raid/search and routine subjection of children to electro-shock torture, the level of politeness and relative lack of insistence was refreshing.

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  2. By Marek on 26 October 2009

    Having grown up under the iron heel of the Soviet Police State I am pleased to hear that conditions in the Eastern bloc may be improving. Coming to the U.S. I thought I’d be getting away from “communism” – and I have gotten away from some of the worst aspects, but I’m finding out that in going to the United States I have escaped BACK into a Police State. You can judge the pervasiveness of a Police State by the willingness of the citizens to further the police state by informing on each other, etc. The citizens of the United States are eager to turn each other in to the authorities for even imagined infractions. The Police are eager to oblige and follow up. I fear I’m now in a country that is eagerly becoming a police state. I’m actually international and would have no trouble going elsewhere and obtaining good employment (I’m a physician). I’m seriously considering that. It seems dangerous to live in America. I don’t think I want my son growing up here. It would be easy to get swept up into the American legal web by accident. Americans are not kind to each other. America is a scary society – there is too much competition – the people do not seem to like each other. They like to damage each other.

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