Libertarians for Statism

21 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Thomas L. Knapp makes an impassioned plea to those conscious enough to care to save the Libertarian Party.

He is right, of course. That the largest American organized political entity in favor of freedom as opposed to institutionalized slavery is in the process of being sold out should be of the greatest concern to everyone, globally, who cares about the direction in which this miserable planet is headed.

Please, do what he suggests, it may be the last chance.

Bob Barr - talkradionews@flickr

Bob Barr - talkradionews@flickr

According to a different analysis, however, the last chances have already come and gone. Certainly since the Steve Kubby-related party fiascoes and the infighting that has characterized the party’s public face for more than a decade, nevermind the recent Cato-vs-Lew Rockwell split, the Libertarian Party has, already, diligently consigned itself to irrelevancy.

That the party of “liberty” would conscion an institutional statist like Bob Barr as a candidate for office ought to be a sign to anyone with a clue. While in office, Barr paid lip service to some of the causes of freedom, while gleefully trouncing the rest. Barr might find one or several dimensions of freedom acceptable, but when the distortions of the funhouse mirror are untangled one will find that a powerful urge to control and direct the affairs of his fellow human beings lies at the heart of his being.

Barr’s positions, while curious for their inconsistency, might or might not, perhaps, add up today to something worthy of the adulation of all those critical of the State. Or, perhaps, they might point to the personal conflicts within a man who, perhaps, has finally recognized the face of the evil that he served for so long, and which he still longs to serve.

Bob Barr isn’t going to be elected President of the “Free” World, in his lifetime or mine. Knapp’s plea that you “join with your fellow Libertarians in preserving the party as ‘a libertarian political entity separate and distinct from all other political parties or movements'” resounds loudly in the deadening echo chamber that is the inherent contradiction of libertarian politics. Will you listen? Will it matter?

So, if you’re one of the less than 2% who dutifully cast their ballots for the party of “liberty” in America, or one of the small fraction of those involved in Libertarian Party politics, do yourself a favor: save yourself the time. Supporting Bob Barr for Fürher isn’t going to improve your life one goddamned bit. When you face the voting question, in fact, the only thing that can possibly improve things is that you denounce the entire exercise as a fraud, and renounce the vote. It is, in fact, the only moral decision you can make.

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  2. By Mike Blessing on 27 May 2008

    There is more than one way to support the ticket.

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