11 October 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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I am engaged in a battle.

It is an intellectual battle… one that I have been engaged in for at least the past 25 years.

It is a battle of the real against the unreal, of the accepted versus the virtuous, of the valid against the irrational and of the unrepentantly bad against that which would, perchance, ought be good.

This battle takes place inside me every day. It is a battle where questions are never answered, where truths never come riding, radiant over the horizon to dispel falsehoods. It is a battle which requires that one man, atomized and alone, stands firm against an irresistable tide of lies and insanity. When I face this battle, as the one clinging to the bit of solid ground against the tsunami does, it is pure, it is fine and it is enough to just hold on.

When I look around, sometimes, though, I find ones I value cheering the destruction and insanity which rages around me.

And that really bothers me.

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  2. By Cork on 11 October 2008

    Tell me about it. Both of my siblings are voting for Obama–barf. Whenever one of them brings up politics, I usually try to change the conversation. They would literally faint after hearing my “inhumane” (anti-statist) views.

    BTW, this reads like a poem! And a good one at that.

  3. By Mattocracy on 11 October 2008

    I think that about sums up the feelings of a lot of us. Fighting the wrongness of the state and its supporters is a lonely existence. You’re right, its a fight against your very needs for friendship and family as well as oppression. Compromising and resistance are always at odds with each other but necessary at the same time. You’re righteous and faulty all at once, which makes you just like everyone else. Most of whom suck.

    Battles are not won with white horses and shinning armor. It’s won with gritty anti heroes and average self-questioning human beings.

  4. By Azrael on 14 October 2008

    I can understand this post. I poke small holes in people’s made up reality. Sometimes it works and sometimes it does not. The easiest thing to attack right now is our monetary system and central banking and how easily power and money can corrupt so called heroic politicians.

  5. By Ethan Lee Vita on 18 October 2008

    I usually feel this, but recently it seems to be highly amplified. I can usually maintain a calm disposition, but my old rage is returning these last three days from the idiocy of U.S. presidential politics, people supporting one or the other, and the economic disaster. It probably doesn’t help I can’t find a non-government job and am facing eviction as a result.

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