Vote for Nobody!

20 October 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Vote for Nobody

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  2. By Mattocracy on 21 October 2008

    Libertarians should run a candidate with that last name. Maybe we could sneak in a win if enough people are fooled and think that is a vote for “none of the above.”

  3. By Mike Gogulski on 21 October 2008

    I’ve checked Slovakia’s surnames database for “Nobody” already and have come up short of candidates. Any in your national names registry there?

  4. By Alex Peak on 22 October 2008

    Nobody knowns how to run my life better than I do. Nobody has the experience and wisdom required to run my life, run the economy, and, through military might, run the world. Nobody would make a truly great ruler.

    Alex Peak

  5. By Ethan Lee Vita on 4 November 2008

    Gah. I got involved in this discussion with an entire IRC channel full of statists with everyone repeating ourselves. It was a joy 🙂 I love being told that I don’t care. [/sarcasm]

  6. By Mike Gogulski on 5 November 2008

    Yeah that line’s a real winner. Some folks just don’t know how big their cages really are.

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