Mommy, what’s a terrorist? #2

24 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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Well dear, a terrorist is like a freedom fighter, except they work for the bad guys.

From Press TV:

Pak to deliver US-backed terrorists to Iran

24 May 2008

According to an ABC News report, Pakistan may turn over to Iran six members of the terrorist group Jondollah (Army of God). The members of the group are currently in custody in Pakistan.

The group orchestrates terrorist operations in the southeastern provinces of Iran in a bid to create instability and sectarian strife among Iranians.

Some US officials told ABC News that although the CIA denies ties with the group, the US intelligence officers have had frequent meetings with and advised Jondollah leaders.

In May 13, Mehr News Agency quoted Pakistani government officials as saying that Islamabad would soon extradite some of the top members of the Jondollah terrorist group to the Islamic Republic.

It is said the US intelligence officials are attempting to block the extradition of the men to Iran.

“The new leaders of Pakistan have said they are going to do it, but they are saying a lot of things and trying to make a lot of deals,” said an unnamed US official. “If they are seeking stability inside the country, why would they want to inflame people in this region?” the official asked.

Officials said the group’s leader, Abdolmalek Rigi, was not among those arrested by Pakistan.

ABC News reported last year that the CIA hired the terrorist group to assassinate Sunni and tribal leaders with the aim of sparking tensions in southeast Iran.

It cited the US government sources as saying that the CIA has been in close contact with Rigi since 2005.

Also in late February 2008, the British newspaper Daily Telegraph reported that the United States was clandestinely funding the militant group within Iran’s borders to destabilize the country.

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