Friendlier, faithful fascism

27 May 2008 by Mike Gogulski
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From Cryptogon:

Every Adult in Britain Should be Forced to Carry ‘Carbon Ration Cards’


Religions worked for a while. The vengeful sky god was going to get you for sinning. In the olden days, God was constantly obsessed with what you did with your wee-wee. But the state needs something else to keep people on their toes now. We’re in the midst of fearing “the terrorists” now, but if you’ve ever seen a “Christian” who was paralyzed by all the sin in the world, change the word “sin” to “carbon” and you’ve got your wild eyed fart taxers. It’s the same animal. The allegedly rational, atheist, environmentalists are, like Fromm predicts, looking to sell themselves to another fascist overlord. This obsession with carbon is THE new religion and all purpose justification for political control.

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